Crystal Fairy Movie Review

By admin | 4 years ago

Crystal Fairy MovieMichael Cera plays Jamie, a drug addict who is on a road trip to Chile, in Crystal Fairy. He is sort of a drug connoisseur who knows the different types of Chilean weed and cocaine. He is in search of the infamous San Pedro Cactus, which is said to be the source of mescaline that will bring him into another level of high, in the Atacama Desert.

Jamie is a narcissistic jerk who irritates everyone. And yet he manages to make viewers root for him. This is attributed to Cera’s likable nature and his ability to play a douchebag without trying to be in good graces of others.

Crystal Fairy is the product of Chilean writer-director Sebastian Silva. Jamie is accompanied by three locals, who are played by the director’s brothers. They are Jose Miguel, Juan Andres, and Agustin Silva.

Before Jamie’s group leaves for the desert, he finds his match in the titular character Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman), who is an American hippy he meets at a Santiago party. Cera and Hoffman make up the odd couple in the movie. He sees himself as a good American who wants to have a good time. She is the ugly American who wants to find herself. But as their journey goes on, the locals find out that Crystal is more likable than Jamie.

Silva knows his boundaries even when he lets Crystal run around while high on the cactus with only her shoes on. The director lets the movie wash over the audience until the campfire scene that turns the trip into a conventional resolution. Silva could have opted for a better ending.

Crystal Fairy is not for everyone. There are times when it is tough to watch. It is one trippy journey that will leave viewers in a natural high or confused.

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