CSI: Cyber Recap: The Evil Twin

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
CSI: Cyber Recap: The Evil Twin
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“CSI: Cyber” Season 1 Episode 6 “The Evil Twin” aired last Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team worked to solve the murder of a woman whose devices showed that she was alive three days after she died. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened in New York City on the rooftop of a building, FBI Special Agent Elijah Mundo (James Van Der Beek) tried to persuade someone not to jump off the roof the building.

Ten hours earlier, at the Cyber Threat Operations Center (CTOC), Brody Nelson (Shad Moss), who had come in late for work, became paranoid. It was after FBI Special Agent Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette) accidentally dropped a spider that she had been intent on rescuing.

Afterwards, she and Mundo were sent to the Kirkendahl Hotel. They had been hacked after their WiFi went down three days ago. They then discovered that the security footage of the past week had been wiped and that Adel Foster (Kelly Albanese) had been murdered and had been found in her bathtub.

They then discovered that someone had tried to flush down her cell phone. They discovered that nobody thought that she was dead as the central computer. It controlled everything from the thermostat to ordering room service. She had recorded that she was ordering things even if she was already dead.

Raven Ramirez (Hayley Kiyoko) then managed to trace the email sent to the employees of the hotel that had the virus in it. It was sent to Evan Wescott (Justin Bruenig), the owner of a bar called Evade. The electronic devices showed that he had sent threatening texts to Adel and that he was inside the room at the time of the murder. However, he claimed that he was innocent.

Ryan then met up with Adel’s boyfriend, Shane Tillman (Kristopher Higgins). He told them that she had gone alone and that he wasn’t with her as he was working harder than usual in order to save up for a trip for them both to Europe.

FBI Agent Daniel Krumitz (Charley Koontz) reconstructed Adel’s phone. They discovered that Evan’s threatening text messages and calls never existed, which meant that he had been hacked. After retracing Evan’s steps, they realized that he could have been hacked when he logged onto an evil twin router that was set up to masquerade as the free WiFi of a particular café that he always went to. However, in this case, the twin router was really a physical router. They then discovered that Shane had bought a router and had gone to Manhattan the day after Adel’s murder.

After paying Shane’s messed up apartment in New Jersey, coupled with the bruises on Adel’s wrist, Ryan realized that Adel had tried to leave Shane, who followed her to New York. He had probably seen Adel with Evan at the club, which made Shane pick him as his fall guy.

They then rushed back to New York after they discovered that Shane had a gun. There, at Evade, Shane ran to the rooftop. He tried to kill himself by jumping off the roof but was saved by Mundo.

Afterwards, the team was able to place Shane inside the room at the time that Adel was murdered thanks to the cell phones’ motion tracking chip, which recorded one’s movements. Because of this, when they cyber synchronized it with Adel’s chip, they were able to see the whole fight take place. It gave them grounds to arrest Shane for Adel’s murder.

Back at the CTOC, the entire team helped Brody look for the spider, as it had been released by Ryan.

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