CSI: Cyber Recap: URL, Interrupted

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
CSI: Cyber Recap: URL, Interrupted
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“CSI: Cyber” Season 1 Episode 7 “URL, Interrupted” aired last Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team raced against time to find a teenage girl who had gone missing after months of being cyberbullied.Read on to learn more about this episode.

FBI Special Agent Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette) headed over to Rock Creek Park in Washington DC, after he office sent her the GPS coordinates hidden inside the picture and suicide text message that missing teenager Zoey Tan (Irene Choi) sent to her father, Jordan Tan (Byron Mann), one of Ryan’s patients when she was still a therapist, as she had helped him get over the death of his wife.

At the park, they could not find any trace of Zoey, but found her cellphone, which Ryan plugged in as it was dead. However, much to their surprise, Zoey called her father up on his phone, which led them to believe that Zoey’s phone had been spoofed.

Inside her phone, ex-Black Hat hacker Raven Ramirez (Hayley Kiyoko) and FBI Special Agent Elijah Mundo (James Van Der Beek) discovered that her tablet had been smashed, and that someone was controlling her laptop, which the sent back to the Cyber Threat Operations Center (CTOC) for processing, where FBI Agent Daniel Krumitz (Charley Koontz) informed them that Zoey had been spoofed using a spoofing website. Ex-Black Hat hacker Brody Nelson (Shad Moss) seconded this theory after discovering that the picture and text that Zoey had sent that morning was also sent using a spoofed device. Raven then informed them that after making a social media cluster graph that traced online activity that mentioned Zoey, she discovered the reason why Zoey wanted to kill herself- she was being cyberbullied as there was a “Kill Zoey Tan” website, which started around three months ago.

After informing Jordan, he told them that Zoey had been a little bit upset at him lately as he had been dating someone that she was uncomfortable with, but had ended the relationship because of that. Nelson then informed them that Zoey  had been having an online relationship with someone named Owen Campbell (Booboo Stewart), whom she had met on Friend Agenda, and who had asked her to move to North Carolina to be with him. However, when they got there, they discovered that Zoey had been having a relationship with someone posing to be Owen. Owen then told them that she had arrived at his house, and had walked away after he pushed her away that morning.

Back at the CTOC, Raven revealed that she had been bullied as a child, which had pushed her to become a Black Hat later on. She then alerted everyone as Zoey had posted a video in which she threatened to harm whoever was responsible for her cyberbullying if they did not confess within twenty four hours, which made Ryan realize that she had no idea who it was. FBI Deputy Director Simon Sifter (Peter MacNicol) then became angry at his son, Aaron Sifter (Nathan Gamble), after discovering that he was one of the twelve users who constantly posted on the offending website. However, he had only joined in and wasn’t the mastermind. Meanwhile, Krumitz managed to wiretap the computer in the school’s library which had been used to put up and update the site.

They were then told that Zoey had bought ammunition, and chased the tablet that she had used to make the video, only to discover that it didn’t belong to Zoey. Meanwhile, back at CTOC, Simon discovered that Zoey had posted a video of his son, and after talking to Jennifer Mayfield (Ava Mulvoy-Ten), whom Zoey had betrayed, but had also just joined in on the bullying, they discovered that pictures of her had been posted as well. However, even though there was a lot of activity going on, Nelson and Krumitz realized that another computer in the school was being used, as the wiretap wasn’t picking up on anything.

While the team went to the school to track the signal, Ryan and Jordan headed towards the Tan’s cabin in Chesapeake Bay after Mundo discovered, using the fingerprint smudge pattern on the tablet that Zoey had used, that she had looked for directions going to Chesapeake in the tablets maps application. As Ryan drove, she realized, after running down the case once more in her head, that Jordan had been the target, and told Mundo and Krumitz that they were not looking for a student, which led them to his ex-girlfriend, Arianna Peterson (Ashley Jones), the school’s guidance counselor, who used Zoey to torture Jordan.

As soon as they got to the cabin, they rushed towards Zoey, after they heard a gunshot. It turned out that Zoey had second thoughts about killing herself with their hunting rifles, which accidentally discharged after she tried to take it out of the car’s trunk.

Afterwards, Raven watched Zoey’s video after her surgery in which she announced a hiatus from social media, and warned others to be careful about what they say or post online, as words have the power to hurt others.

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