CSI:Cyber Recap: Killer En Route

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
CSI:Cyber Recap: Killer En Route
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“CSI: Cyber” Season 1 Episode 3 “Killer En Route” aired last Wednesday, Mar. 18, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the Cyber Division raced against time to catch a serial killer targeting ZoGo, an application that allowed riders to get a ride cheaper than a taxi did. Meanwhile, Daniel Krummitz (Charley Koontz) went to the parole hearing of the man who killed his parents when he was young. Read on to learn more about this episode.

In Boston, Cade Matthews, who is a consultant for the private military contractor Deron Guard, got into the car provided by the ZoGo application, only to realize later on that his driver had been cancelled. His current driver then brought him to an alleyway and killed him with a stun gun.

In Washington DC, FBI Special Agent Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette), FBI Special Agent Elijah Mundo (James Van Der Beek), Deputy Director Simon Sifter (Peter MacNicol) and ex-Black Hat hacker Brody Nelson (Shad Moss) geared up and left for Boston in order to investigate Cade Matthews’ murder. He had access to top secret military files, leaving FBI Agent Daniel Krummitz (Charley Koontz) and ex-Black Hat hacker Raven Ramirez (Hayley Kiyoko) to handle things from the Cyber Threat Operations Center (CTOC).

At DeronGuard, they discovered that Matthews had wiped all of his drives himself so that all of the military projects he handled wouldn’t be compromised, and had called 911. He also had been strangled and tasered to death, and the medical examiner found a children’s block with the number two on it.

They Elijah and Nelson paid ZoGo a visit. Matthews had gotten a ride from the application at 5:17 in the morning. They then discovered that ZoGo had been hacked, which allowed the killer to find his victims there. Using that knowledge, they were able to figure out that Melissa Drake had been the killer’s first victim. They found a child’s toy block with the number one on it.

They then discovered that ZoGo had been hacked after their secretary opened an email with an attachment on it. Nelson then traced it to a local taxi company who often sabotaged ZoGo. Then, they discovered that it wasn’t him. Later, Nelson theorized that an “evil twin router” had been delivered masked as a package within the company. It was how the killer was able to get into the system. Nelson then proved his theory to be correct, and traced the route to a Richard Davis, whose house they stormed.

Inside, they Ryan and Elijah discovered that he had a seven-year-old son. He had been killed by a ZoGo driver and hadn’t gotten justice for it. They also discovered that the block numbered three was missing. Raven then traced Davis’ car. When Elijah got there, Davis had fled. He had left a phone with a picture of a man’s hand beside a child’s block with the number three on it.

Meanwhile, Krummitz met up with his sister Francine at the local courthouse. He did it in order to attend the parole hearing of the man who murdered their parents. It was when he was ten years old, but she refused to say anything. He then told the court that Taylor Pettis shouldn’t be released.

Afterwards, they raced to find him, digitally. Ryan realized that Davis could still commit another murder by becoming a ZoGo passenger. It meant that he needed a phone and a prepaid credit card. They were able to track him down. Raven took control of the traffic lights and caused a gridlock, so that Davis, who had a gun on his ZoGo driver, was forced to get out of the car. As soon as he did so, Ryan and Elijah chased him down. Ryan got him to put down his gun before they arrested him.

Back in Washington DC, the team celebrated in a local bar. Krummitz informed them that Taylor Pettis had been released. They then told him that he had their support. Nelson told him that he was like Batman, as Batman had lost his parents as a child as well.

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