‘The Current War’: Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in the Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The Current War’: Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in the Movie

What happens when you put two really talented actors together on-screen in the same movie? Sparks fly? This time current will. It is being reported that “Sherlock” and “The Imitation Game” star Benedict Cumberbatch will be co-starring with “Southpaw” and “Everest” star Jake Gyllenhaal in “The Current War.”

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According to Entertainment Weekly, battle this time around will be for power and its future when two of the most talented actors will be fighting for it. Both Cumberbatch and Gyllenhaal are reportedly in talks to portray the role of Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse respectively in a movie produced by The Weinstein Co.

The movie is being titled “The Current War” and will be a period drama based in the 19th Century. It will revolve around the future of electricity and will be centered on the rivalry Edison and Westinghouse shared. Everyone is aware of the fact that Thomas Edison is considered to be the father of Electricity and how his beliefs that power should be delivered via direct current was favored by all. It is being said that George Westinghouse believed that power should be delivered via alternate current.

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Variety reported that the movie will take place in the 1880’s and will show the feud between power titans Edison and Westinghouse. The media outlet also added that major companies in Europe favored Edison’s delivery system of power as opposed to Westinghouse’s beliefs. It is also being said that Alfonso Gomez- Rejon is being considered to come aboard as director of the movie while Timur Bekmambetov will be producing it alongside Steve Zaillian and Garrett Basch.

We just have to wait for it as Cumberbatch has “Doctor Strange,” Gyllenhaal has “Nocturnal Animals” and Gomez-Rejon is due to direct “Collateral Beauty” with Will Smith. Given the cast, it would surely be interesting to see both characters indulged in a possibly intellectual battle.

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