The Curse Of “Star Wars”: Mark Hamill Almost Falls to Death While Shooting

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
The Curse Of “Star Wars”: Mark Hamill Almost Falls to Death While Shooting
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‘Luke Skywalker’ may be able to drop missiles into ventilation ducts with unerring accuracy, but actor Mark Hamill almost fell to his death while climbing steps in a remote Irish island. Is the curse of “Star Wars” back to haunt the new series? Read on for more details.

Hamill is not having the best time as filming begins for “Star Wars : Episode VIII” on Skellig Michael, an island off the coast of Ireland. The 63-year-old actor was reportedly climbing up a “treacherous spot” when he slipped and almost fell to his death. Fortunately, a handy rescue was facilitated by an Irish Public Works officer, who was nearby. An eyewitness has suggested that Hamill would be a “goner” otherwise.  The climb has already claimed the lives of two people in the recent years, the Mirror is reporting.

Tragic circumstances notwithstanding, fans have suggested that rocky island is going to act as the hideaway for an elderly “Luke Skywalker,” who is living there as a hermit. Skellig Michael used to be a Christian monastery founded in the 6th century AD, and “Star Wars” will be filming there for a month. This has raised some controversy as the spot is also an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Carrie Fisher, who plays “Princess Leia” in “Star Wars” recently went on the record about the Star Wars curse after being involved in a car accident. The years shooting has been haunted by a series of accidents for the original cast, with Harrison “Han Solo” Ford suffering from a broken leg earlier this year. On a separate occasion, he had to perform an emergency landing as his plane suffered from mechanical issues.

“Things happen in threes, I have a horrid feeling there’s a curse going on here… I was driving to the art store and I got into an accident. …Then I was watching the news and saw Harrison had his crash. I’m a bit worried it’s the curse of Star Wars.” Fisher said to Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper. (via, and it would seem that she has been proven right. 

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Photo Source: Facebook/Mark Hamill

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