‘Cut the Rope’ Movie to Explore the Origin of Popular Video Game Character Om Nom

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
‘Cut the Rope’ Movie to Explore the Origin of Popular Video Game Character Om Nom
Mobile game ‘Cut the Rope’ will be translated into its very own movie titled, “Om Nom: The Movie.”

If you once thought that video games and books were the only things that can be translated into the big screen, then you’d better brace yourself for another generation of movie adaptation, as popular mobile game “Cut the Rope” is set to the hit theatres in 2016. What is the movie’s storyline all about? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Cut the Rope” is one of the best games to play when you’re craving for a dose of sweetness and cuteness. The Zeptolab game is based on the laws of physics. The game works as the player tries to cut several ropes at the right pace, angle and speed in order to satisfy the lead character’s (Om Nom) sweet tooth.

“Cut the Rope” has received over 700 million downloads with its animated webseries on YouTube, which garnered over 600 million views. Rotoscopers reported that these figures have led the company to decide to go further and introduce the character and its story on the big screen.

The movie, which has the tentative title, “Om Nom: The Movie” will tell the story of the origin of the game’s lead character, Om Nom through the eyes of a young man named Evan.

Evan comes across Om Nom. It was after receiving a “secret package containing a live scientific experiment.” Om Nom eventually causes ruckus in their town. Now, Evan must protect Om Nom from his sister, the government and even other sneaky creatures.

Zeptolab’s creative director Semyon Voinov told Cartoon Brew the reason for the adaptation of the mobile game into the big screen. It was due to the fact that the opportunities for character development in a game is very limited.

“These have been so successful that a full-length animated movie was a logical continuation, and also a great opportunity to tell Om Nom’s story to as many people as possible,” Voinov said.

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Photo Source: Zeptolab/Cut the Rope


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