The CW Adapting Sara Shepard’s The Perfectionists Into a TV Series

By April Lara | 4 years ago
The CW Adapting Sara Shepard’s The Perfectionists Into a TV Series
Sara Shepard at the Brooklyn Book Festival 2010. Wikimedia Commons/Navdeep Dhillon

“Pretty Little Liars” (PLL) fans, you’re in for an amazing surprise. PLL author Sara Shepard is making another masterpiece that will come to your television sets soon enough. The CW is adapting Sara Shepard’s “The Perfectionists” into a TV series!

According to Deadline, CW is working to adapt “The Perfectionists,” a young adult book series by Shepard, which is yet to be released. There are only little details as of now about the book but the story involves a murder mystery – again. It’s like the cousin of “Pretty Little Liars!” The new series will be executive produced and written by Arika Lisanne Mittman (“Dexter”).

If you’re a fan of Sara and her works, her “The Heiresses” book was adapted into a small screen adaptation by Bravo television network. It follows a group of girls who are heiresses to their grandfather’s billion-dollar diamond business.

“The Perfectionists” and “The Heiresses” will be Sara’s third and fourth book that will be adapted into a TV series. We are all aware that “Pretty Little Liars” was a huge hit but “The Lying Game” didn’t pick up well during it’s airing time. it was canceled after only two seasons.

However, we still do believe in Sara’s works and we think that “The Perfectionists” will do well considering that it has a similar plot to “Pretty Little Liars.” In fact, an excerpt of the book was released on MTV news.

What do you think of the CW adapting Sara Shepard’s “The Perfectionists” into a TV series? You can leave some comments below to tell us your views about it. We still have a long time to wait because Sara has yet to finish the book and release it before the TV series gets into production. We wonder who will be the cast members? And we wonder about the whole story, too! Is it going to be another “Pretty Little Liars” or will it offer something new and exciting. More importantly, will it be a hit with readers and viewers? For now, all we can do is sit tight and be patient for its release. Nevertheless, we are so excited for Sara Shepard’s “The Perfectionists” book and TV series! For the latest news about “The Perfectionists” and other entertainment news, make sure that you catch it here at Movie News Guide (MNG).


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