Did This CW TV Series Set Up A New Show For DCTV Universe?

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Did This CW TV Series Set Up A New Show For DCTV Universe?
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DCTV universe is already a vast universe. It has multiple existing DC properties and new ones that are being lined up. But a fresh speculation is suggesting that the network could be teasing another TV series from the DC universe.

This series has a connection with an existing TV series and could very well be used to introduce it.

Supergirl season 2 set up Legion of Superheroes?

Movie Pilot has presented a theory that the recently concluded second season of Supergirl could have subtly hinted Legion of Superheroes.  

Hinting at the climax of the second season of Supergirl, the outlet speculated that the network could be dropping hints about the futuristic superhero team before giving it a major screen presence.

About Legion of Superheroes

As mentioned earlier, Legion of Superheroes is a superhero team from the future. Existing in the 30th century, the team consists of superheroes from all around the universe fighting to keep it safe.

The first version of the team appeared in Adventure Comics#247. It featured three members namely Saturn Girl, Lightning Boy and Cosmic Boy traveling in the past to meet Superboy.

Superboy here is actually Superman who was then in his teens. Since he was an inspiration to the Legion, they had traveled back in time to meet him. He was recruited in the club and returned to his own time.

After having combined with him for a few issues, Superboy was written out of the publication and Mon-El was brought in place of him. Mon-El, the same Daxamite who was seen in Supergirl became the Legion’s inspiration and acted as teenage Superman’s substitute.

Chances are, Mon-El is the same character that is being used by the network to drop hints about the futuristic team’s presence in the DCTV universe.

References in Supergirl

It is not just Mon-El’s presence that is hinting at the Legion. There have been some references on Supergirl that are hinting at the team. For instance, in the first season, a Legion Flight Ring was seen in the Fortress of Solitude.

This could be because Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Superman must have collaborated with the futuristic superhero team when he was a teenager. The second reference was Mon-El’s presence itself.

As mentioned above Mon-El has been a part of the Legion in the comic books. So to introduce him in Supergirl and then to let go of him somewhere in space could be the network’s way of connecting both Supergirl and the futuristic superhero team.

Mon-El is a link to Legion of Superheroes?

Mon-El was sucked into a wormhole in the second season’s finale of Supergirl. While it was not revealed where he has gone, chances are he will end up in the future.

Possibly in the future, the Legion will spot his ship and rescue him. Recognizing him as an inspiration to their team, they will make him a member. From there on, Mon-El could help the Legion protect the world.

This would give Chris Wood’s character more opportunities to be a superhero and in turn, give Wood a chance to appear in a new series.

Possibilities of connecting both the series

If Legion of Superheroes is really in the works, connecting it with Supergirl will be easy. In the future where Mon-El is a part of the Legion, he could suggest bringing Supergirl from her time to help them.

She would be pleasantly surprised to see Mon-El alive and readily agree to help them. The two could also rekindle their romance but Kara would perhaps go back to her time and Mon-El would stay with the Legion in the future.

Plot and premiere date of Supergirl

Supergirl centers on the story of Kara Zor-El who was sent to Earth from Krypton. Trapped in the Phantom zone, she reached Earth at a time when her infant cousin had already grown up to become Superman.

She was put under the Danvers family’s care and joined her cousin by becoming a superhero. Till now there have been two seasons of the show and a third one will be premiering this year.

No official details are known about Legion of Superheroes but fans can expect Supergirl season 3 to premiere on Oct. 9 this year.


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