Cynthia Lennon, First Wife of Beatles’ John Lennon, Dies of Cancer at 75

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Cynthia Lennon, First Wife of Beatles’ John Lennon, Dies of Cancer at 75
Cynthia and Julian Lennon at the unveiling of the John Lennon Peace Monument in Chavasse Park, Liverpool on 9th October 2010 with the Liverpool Signing Choir in the background. Celebrating peace and the loving memory of John Lennon on what would have been Lennon’s 70th Birthday

After a short battle with cancer, the first Beatles wife, Cynthia Lennon, has succumbed to her illness and died. Upon hearing the news, many gave tribute to her passing, including her late ex-husband John Lennon’s former band mates and second wife Yoko Ono. Read on for more details.

On Wednesday morning, Apr. 1, 2015, Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon from his first wife Cynthia, announced his mother’s passing in Twitter, as well as posting a link to his website that showed his tribute for her. In a statement written in the website, it was revealed that Cynthia died of cancer at her home in Mallorca, Spain.

Fans and friends took to the social media to give their condolences. Former Beatles member Paul McCartney wrote on his website of how sad he is to Cynthia’s passing and how well he knew her since their years back. Likewise, Ringo Starr posted of his and his wife Barbara’s condolences on Twitter. Also, Lennon’s second wife Yoko Ono posted a photo of her and Cynthia with their respective sons Sean and Julian. Her message tells of Cynthia being “a great person and a wonderful mother to Julian”.

According to Variety, John Lennon met his future wife, then named Cynthia Powell in 1959. It was when they were both attending the Liverpool College of Art. Upon learning that Cynthia was pregnant, the Beatles manager Brian Epstein had the couple married in secret in Aug. 1962. By this time, the Beatles have become internationally famous. In April 1963, their son Julian was born.

After six years of marriage, Cynthia filed for divorce from Lennon in 1968 upon finding letters from Ono and learning of their affair. The divorce was finalized on Nov. 1968, with her taking custody of Julian. Then in March the next year, Lennon married Ono.

BBC News reported that after her marriage with Lennon, she married Italian hotelier Roberto Bassanini in 1970, which ended in a divorce. In 1976, she married engineer John Twist but also filed for a divorce. Finally, she married Noel Charles in 2002; however he died of cancer in 2013.

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