D-League Stand-Out PG Jared Cunningham To Cavaliers’ Camp: Will He Scrap A Bench Position With J.R. Smith Back To His Dramarama Self Again?

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
D-League Stand-Out PG Jared Cunningham To Cavaliers’ Camp: Will He Scrap A Bench Position With J.R. Smith Back To His Dramarama Self Again?
PHOTOGRAPH: Lex Lopez | Jared Cunningham

The Cleveland Cavaliers recently announced the acquisition of point guard/shooting guard Jared Cunningham for their training camp. Cunningham last played for the Idaho Stampede of the NBA Development League.

According to Fear The Sword, the 6-4 Oakland-native averaged 17. 2 17.2 ppg, 3.2 rpg and 3.7 apg in 66 career D-League games. His previous stint as a basketball journeyman in the NBA showed a 36.4 percent from the floor in 40 career games for Dallas, Atlanta, Sacramento and the Clippers. Cunningham was originally drafted by the Cavaliers with the 24th overall pick in 2012 and was immediately traded to the Mavericks on draft night.

With this newly found confidence, Cunningham is looking forward to showcase his true game with the hopes of cracking a spot as a vital role on the Cavaliers bench. Cunningham recently tweeted that he has been prepping up for the coming NBA season and has his hopes up high as he trained with NBA standouts Trevor Ariza (Houston Rockets), Taj Gibson (Chicago Bulls) and rookie Anthony Brown (Los Angeles Lakers).

Cunningham is in a tight squeeze as the spot light for the Cavaliers is now even given more emphasis especially after falling short against the Golden State Warriors in the 2015 NBA Championship. Cunningham has to earn his due the hard way as he will squabble for a position on Lebron James’ “The Grit Squad” with Matthew Dellavedova, Joe Harris, veteran Mo Willaims and returning captain Kyrie Irving way ahead of him in the pecking order.

The Wine and Gold are still in a roster limbo with power forward Tristan Thompson caught up in a contract fall-out and streak-shooting guard J.R. Smith still licking his wounds from his first Finals debacle and has remained unsure of his future with Cleveland.

In related news, Smith who has been reported to have been offered less this NBA season is back with his off-court stage show as reported by NY Post. Smith who has been constantly hounded with “girl problems” in his career lately, reconnected with the mother of his daughter, Demi. Smith was reported to have called it quits with girlfriend Ashley Weatherspoon and has found his arms once again with his older flame.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Jared Cunningham

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