Dakota Fanning in a Controversial Period Drama ‘Effie Gray’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Dakota Fanning in a Controversial Period Drama ‘Effie Gray’ [WATCH VIDEO]

A woman’s life is never easy, especially when it is set during the Victorian age. Feel the riveting performance of Dakota Fanning as she becomes an ostracized woman of the community in the recently released trailer of the biopic, “Effie Gray.”

Brace yourself for a different type of scandal that will bring you back in the age when women were very much susceptible to ridicule because society deprived them of free will. By Cinema Blend, Metrodome Distribution released the trailer for “Effie Gray,” with Dakota Fanning starring as the title character opposite actors Greg Wise, Tom Sturridge and Emma Thompson, who also happens to be the screenplay writer of this prolific Victorian age scandal film depiction.

Effie Gray (Fanning) is the 19-year-old bride who was determined to change the course of her life by taking it by the reins. She filed an annulment against her husband under the grounds of “incurable impotency” for the main purpose of answering to her utmost desires and marrying her lover, an artist named John Everett Millais portrayed by Tom Sturridge. (via Hello Magazine)

As creative actors are concerned, it comes without a doubt that they are more than capable of coming up with a creative medium that will sway the audiences to a more profound level. Oscar winner Emma Thompson elegantly writes a screenplay masterpiece that tells the controversial true-to-life relationship of one of Victorian age’s well-known art critics, John Ruskin and Effie, his youthful bride. The story is focused on Effie Gray, who is portrayed by Dakota Fanning, and its setting is a definite melancholy that will transport its viewers back in time where women were upholder of high regards and expectations. It was a time when women were bombarded with watchful eyes because of the troubles brought forth by temptations and desires. With sheer determination, Effie decided to make the stand no matter what the cost.

“It’s about her journey back to becoming a whole self again. She’s such a strong woman — and such a modern woman for the time in which she lived,” described Fanning back in 2012 when asked about her titular role.

The movie may be all about a Victorian age scandal, but screenplay writer Emma Thompson also currently faced separate accusations on counts of plagiarism by two different playwrights. Both of which were dismissed by the court, which caused the delay on the release of the film.

“Effie Gray” is directed by Richard Laxton, with a cast that  includes David Suchet, Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters. It will be released in UK on Oct. 10, 2014, but as of late, there are still no opening dates for the U.S. territories. Although Slash Film suggests that it should be slated for a November release.

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