Dallas Mavericks’ Wesley Matthews Says He’s Ready Come Opening Night

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Dallas Mavericks’ Wesley Matthews Says He’s Ready Come Opening Night
Wesley Matthews

Wesley Matthews is confident that he will be in uniform for the Dallas Mavericks’ opening game especially that his  Achilles tendon injury  which he acquired  while he was with Portland Trail Blazers last March has gotten better. The said rupture proved to be fatal and immediately ended his 2015 NBA run. Read on for more details.

In an interview with Mavs Moneyball, the shooting guard revealed that, “I’m gonna say I’ll be ready by opening night.”

The 28-year-old Texan Native was resolute with his overall well-being back in the court and has been unchangeable in his proclamation.

“Anybody that knows me in this league knows that I’m going to give 150 percent. You’re going to have to kill me to stop me from going,” Matthews said.

Such a spirited demeanor can be attributed to the shooting guard’s previous link with the Blazers. Matthews, who had a half-a-decade stint under his belt for the Northwest division team, received another blow in his career. It was after the injury when he was not given a proposal as he entered free agency during the off-season.

According to Yahoo Sports, Matthews was embittered that the Blazers didn’t even give much consideration with his future prospect of being eligible to sign for another team.

“I was pissed off, I felt disrespected,” Matthews said.

He lamented but understood that it was all part of the business especially that he was still rehabilitating.

The Blazers had an off-season ground-to-top rebuilding which was triggered by the LaMarcus Aldridge departure to San Antonio. Along with Matthews, French swingman Nicholas Batum and center Robin Lopez were included in the lineup overhaul.

With the DeAndre Jordan debacle, Matthews acquired a windfall as his new contract for the Mavericks ballooned into a mammoth $70 million 4-year contract.

“Dallas Mavericks” owner Mark Cuban indicated that he wants Matthews to be one of the foundations as the franchise moves on to a newer direction.

Matthews in being assigned such a designated job said, “That’s all I wanted”.

The guard also asserted that the franchise has been known in the league to have a top-notch training staff which greatly advantageous for his recuperation.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Dallas Mavericks


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