Dan Stevens has to apologize on a regular basis for his character’s death in ‘Downton Abbey’

By admin | 4 years ago

The death of the character of Dan Stevens, who played Mathew Crawley in the show Downton Abbey, has brought about an extra activity in his daily life and no, it’s not pretty. Apparently, the actor who played the suave Englishman in the show has to apologize to people literally as he walks down the street.

The death of Mathew Crawley devastated the audience and from the looks of it, the actor has to pay the price for it. He explained a bit about his current daily routine these days. Here’s what he had to say,

“I get a lot of, ‘My wife was very upset by this. You have to apologize to my wife!'” Stevens said. “Then they call them over. ‘Katherine! Come over here. This is the young man that upset you.’ ‘Say sorry!'” How often does this happen, you ask? “Almost every day,” Stevens added.

If you’re angst about the departure of Dan Stevens from the show then you can catch him in his upcoming movie, Summer in February in almost the same early twentieth century attire.

Downton Abbey is a great hit in America currently. In a recent, it was determined that 3% of the US population sat down to watch the new episode of the show. Not only that, the show in Britain itself has boomed in Britain as around 13% of the population watches the show. You can read all about the stats of the show over here.

Source: Huffingpost

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