‘Dance Moms’ Cast Update: Bashers Attack Melissa Gisoni after Maddie vs. Mackenzie Dance Battle

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
‘Dance Moms’ Cast Update: Bashers Attack Melissa Gisoni after Maddie vs. Mackenzie Dance Battle

The latest episode of “Dance Moms” last Tuesday was a tense one. The Ziegler sisters, Maddie and Mackenzie, battled it out in the junior solo division. Different reactions were expressed by co-stars and fans after Mackenzie beat Maddie. However, what really counts was their mother’s opinion. Read on to know Melissa Gisoni’s thoughts.

The 10-year-old Mackenzie won first place after her jazz performance “Sink or Swim.” On the other hand, her 12-year-old sister got second place with her tap dance. Maddie seemed to take the loss badly when she described the competition “stupid.” She sounded sarcastic while Gisoni hugged Mackenzie.

“Mom, it’s just a stupid competition. You don’t have to cry,” Maddie told Gisoni.

Seeing Abby Lee Miller and Travis Payne congratulating Mackenzie added salt to the wound. Maddie said she deserved to beat Mackenzie. Her sarcasm continued inside Abby Lee Dance Company’s (ALDC) dressing room after Gisoni urged her to be happier for Mackenzie.

“I’m not mad at all! You said, ‘Be happy.’ I’m like, ‘I’m happy!’ I am happy. Just stop it!” Maddie told her mother.

Gisoni appeared to be inconsistent when she said a different opinion to the moms. After Jessalynn Siwa asked Gisoni again about Mackenzie’s win, Gisoni answered that Mackenzie looked like an “adorable and sweet 7-year-old” while Maddie was “fabulous.”

Gisoni’s last statement gained bashers on social media. Some fans were appalled that Gisoni still preferred Maddie’s performance after all. Gisoni defended herself  by tweeting that it was all about the editing.

Maddie once told Yahoo News that she and her 10-year-old sister always compete against each other. However, she claimed that she preferred to support Mackenzie. She hoped that Mackenzie would improve as a performer.

“Dance Moms” Season 5 airs every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.

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