Dance Moms Season 5 Recap: Abby Against Jessalynn and JoJo

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Dance Moms Season 5 Recap: Abby Against Jessalynn and JoJo
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“Dance Moms” Season 5 Episode 4 “Bye Bye Pittsburgh” aired last Jan. 27, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. The episode kicks off with Nia asking a favor from Abby Lee Miller as soon as she enters the studio. Read on to know what is her concern.

Nia worries about her 82-year-old grandfather who is very ill. She tells Abby that when she is in Los Angeles, she might go home in case something bad happens. She starts crying. Abby thinks it is her first time to see Nia cry, so she hugs her.

In the studio, Abby lets JoJo return because of her “spark,” which is perfect for LA. Then she talks about how enraged she is for them having second place in the previous competition. Holly asks her if she can juggle her time with teaching the kids and managing negotiations in LA. Abby is very confident that she can do it all.

Abby proceeds to introduce the performance pyramid. Nia is at the bottom because she was the leader. Kendall is also at the bottom because of her poor footwork. Kalani had a total poor performance. In the middle, Maddie was absent from the competition, but she performed with Sia and other celebrities. JoJo is next in the pyramid. Jessalynn asks if they can go to LA with them. Abby says no. She cannot see JoJo working in a professional environment because she is “rude.” Kira starts to imitate JoJo’s speech. Mackenzie tops the pyramid for having the  highest score in the junior solo competition.

Abby announces that their next competition will be in Woodbridge, Virginia. The girls who will be having a solo are Kendall, Maddie and JoJo. Kendall will perform “Clueless”; Maddie, “She’s History”; and JoJo, “Fashion Victim.” Jill shares that she is going to Kentucky, but she will try her best to watch her daughter’s performance. Abby says she does not care. She tells JoJo that it is her “last hurrah.” It is “make it or break it” for her.

The group performance will be “Frozen Together.” It is their last week before going to LA, so they must do their best to win first place. Abby says the girls must act pretty. The theme is inspired by the Disney film “Frozen.”

In dance moms’ quarters, Jessalynn asks Kira why she was making fun of JoJo’s speech. Kira defends herself that she was just imitating her. She tells Jessalynn that she must be respectful, mindful and grateful as a guest. She asks Holly if she can teach Jessalynn manners. Holly says that some people cannot be taught.

It is two days to go before competition. Jessalynn says that other dance moms are threatened by JoJo’s talent.  Melissa laughs so hard. She shares that Maddie is recently reading a script for a new show and other projects. Other moms are curious why it is always Maddie.

Abby asks Nia about her grandfather. Nia says that he is home, but not completely okay yet. Abby hugs her and says that they will pray for him.

During rehearsals, JoJo is struggling with the group routine. She keeps on looking at the mirror to know the next step, which makes her execute the wrong timing. Abby emphasizes that a successful dancer must know how to dance with everybody. She makes fun of JoJo’s Miss USA costume.

“You wanna see a costume?” JoJo asks sarcastically.

The mothers are appalled except Jessalynn. Abby tells JoJo that she is “finished.” She is sent to the dance moms’ room. She starts crying. Jessalynn tells her that she must not cry because she does not deserve it.

Abby enters the dance moms’ quarters. She asks them if they are ready for LA. Then she emphasizes that she has the authority. She and Jessalynn start to argue about JoJo’s skills. Abby reiterates that JoJo is not a good group dancer.

The rehearsal continues. Abby commends Kendall’s rehearsal. Jessalynn reminds the dance moms that JoJo beat Kendall in the solo competition.

Hours before the competition, Abby is looking at her phone. She tells Gia that they are never coming back. JoJo interrupts to ask Gia what is the order of the solo performances.  Abby furiously yells at JoJo for her bad behavior.

The dance moms are worried why Abby got so angry. Abby explains to them that there was a misunderstanding in the age bracket. Maddie and Kendall will compete with the older kids in the teen division. Abby expects too much of JoJo because she thinks she is lucky to be 11 years old and stay in the junior division.

While the kids are preparing for the group performance, Jessalynn asks Abby if JoJo can replace Nia in the group routine. Abby just ignores her.

After the jaw-dropping performances, it is time to announce the winners. JoJo only gets third place. Jill thinks that proves Jessalynn wrong in being so sure of her daughter. For the teen solo competition, Kendall gets third place while Maddie is the champion. Unfortunately, ALDC gets second place again in the group competition. Everybody worries going to LA with their second place trophy.

Abby talks to everybody backstage. Jill blames Abby for having favoritism. Holly agrees that Maddie is the favorite. Abby defends herself that the producers themselves want Maddie. Holly says that she will have the initiative to find projects for Nia. Abby still wants the final say. Then she criticizes JoJo for being a third-place dancer. She concludes that JoJo is not going to LA with ALDC. However, she is just a phone call away if Jessalynn decides to go to LA independently and needs support. Jessalynn suddenly tells her that JoJo’s personality is just right.

“You’re backing up a brat!” Abby yells at Jessalynn.

Abby announces that she felt pity for JoJo, so she decided to give her a chance in the studio. Jessalynn tells her that JoJo is the only one with star quality compared to other girls. Abby just ignores her and walks out.

There you have it for the recap on “Dance Moms” Season 5 Episode 4 “Bye Bye Pittsburgh,” which aired last Jan. 27, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. Catch the next episode on Feb. 3, 2015. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lifetime Television

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