‘Dance Moms’ Season 5 Recap: Abby Says Goodbye to ALDC

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Dance Moms’ Season 5 Recap: Abby Says Goodbye to ALDC
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“Dance Moms” Season 5 Episode 5 “Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby” aired last Feb. 3, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. The episode kicks off with Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) arriving in Los Angeles. Read on to know what is going through the minds of ALDC members.

Holly Frazier is nervous for Nia Frazier. She remembers Abby Lee Miller planning not to include her daughter in the LA project.  Abby shares that she is still building her studio in LA so ALDC must rent for the meantime. However, she gets angry when she found out that she is going to share the space with the Rage Dance Company. She wants privacy and thinks the idea is “unacceptable.”

Jill Vertes thinks Abby is intimidated. She is curious what Abby is afraid of. Abby enters her car and calls somebody on the phone. The dance moms try to know what is going on, but Abby asks them to stay away. It was because she is talking with her attorney. They start to get anxious when they realized that going to LA just to wait in the parking lot is useless.

Suddenly, Jessalynn and JoJo Siwa arrive. Jessalynn tells the moms that Abby told them to come. She says that Abby is going to be JoJo’s manager.

The dance moms have no choice but to enter the studio, so the kids can start their practice. They meet Tiffany from the Rage Dance Company and Veda, the owner of the studio. Everybody greets each other cheerfully. Tiffany says it is okay for them to change rooms. While the other dance company is practicing, the dance moms conclude that Abby is afraid of their opponents. Jill says that Abby’s sentiments are not about the space but it is all about the competition.

Meanwhile, Erin Babbs from Murrieta Dance Project (MDP) talks to her girls after rehearsals. She announces that ALDC is currently in the West Coast. She shares that she has known Abby ever since their Candy Apples days with Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. She claims that Abby is “over her head.” She thinks that she can survive LA. She tells her girls to make Abby cry.

Abby calls Kira Girard. She tells the dance moms that she will look for another space. Melissa Ziegler does not like the idea because there are only three days to go before the competition. She feels the need to practice immediately. In a positive note, Abby tells the girls that there will be an audition tomorrow with a casting director.

Gianna enters the room and gives scripts to the girls. She announces that Maddie Ziegler is going to have a solo. She reminds JoJo that she is not included in the group routine. Jessalynn interrupts to ask why. Gianna tells her that she is just following orders. She tells everybody that the group performance will be a lyrical routine because it is ALDC’s specialty. She says that they must not compare their theme to other studios. The dance moms want an energetic routine because it is LA. They think Abby is being too safe. They are thankful that Gianna is a good leader, but they still need Abby’s presence.

Kira calls Abby. Abby says that she is not coming because she needs to return to Pittsburgh. The dance moms are horrified. They believe that Abby is trying to escape from her problems. Jill thinks Abby is getting crazy.

The girls and their mothers are waiting for the casting director. Then, they see Abby fighting with men for a parking spot. They cannot believe that Abby managed to do that despite the possibility that a casting director might see her. When Abby is finally beside them, Holly asks for words of wisdom. Abby says no. Holly tells her that she is “disgraceful.” Abby tells Nia that she must tell her mother to keep her mouth shut. Girls distract themselves by memorizing their lines.

Casting directors John Barba and Lisa Fields welcome ALDC. Lisa shares that they created Taylor Swift’s music video “Shake It Off.” Nia is doing an impressive job in the audition. However, Abby criticizes her after the performance. It was because she thinks she is acting like her mother. John defends her. He said that artists can change the script sometimes to say better lines. Holly feels deeply offended by Abby. She thinks her remark was too cruel and immature for the sake of revenge.

Outside, Holly confronts Abby. Abby says that she is horrified that Nia will grow up into a “mini-me” of the proud Holly. JoJo suddenly interrupts to ask Abby if she will be present tomorrow. Abby straightforwardly tells her that she is not included in the team. After Abby left, Holly tells other dance moms that she is disappointed that they did not back her up. She tells them that they are scared of Abby. Jill defends herself that she did not know what to say. Melissa just says that she understands.

Before the Energy Dance Competition, MDP is having a little pep rally outside. mocking ALDC. The dance moms are nervous. In the dressing room, Abby enters with a haggard look. Jill says that Abby has lost it. Holly is horrified that Abby has disheveled hair and no makeup on. Jill asks Abby where did she go. Abby says that she facilitated Maddie’s costume and looked for more talent scouts. She suddenly attacks them out of annoyance.

JoJo interrupts Gianna and Abby’s serious talk. She asks about her hair. Gianna emphasizes that she is not part of the group. JoJo defends herself that she is just preparing in case of an emergency. Both trainers just tell her to leave her hair alone.

Suddenly, Erin enters the room to greet everyone. She welcomes them to Los Angeles. She gets uneasy that Abby just ignores her. After an awkward pause, Abby tells her to send a fruit basket.

It is time for the competition. Talia from MDP  performs the solo “Letting Go.” Melissa is speechless. Holly notices that the pressure is on Maddie’s shoulders because Abby is surely relying on her. Maddie performs “All God’s Creatures.” After the performance, Melissa concludes that it is her most favorite solo.

The dancers return to the dressing room. Abby hugs Maddie no matter how tired she is. Her good mood does not stay too long when Erin entered again with a fruit basket. She says that she is happy to be able to compete with the best. Abby slams the basket on the floor. She controls her laughter.

Meanwhile, Jessalynn keeps on beautifying JoJo even though she is not part of the group. Other dance moms find her weird. When JoJo took a costume, Abby rudely grabs it from her. JoJo starts to cry. Jessalynn tells Abby that she is selfish. Abby says goodbye and walks out.

For the group performance, MDP performs “Unstoppable.” The dance moms are nervous because of the powerful and energetic steps. They are not confident with the gentle nature of ALDC’s routine “I’d Rather Be.” Erin notices Maddie stumbling while twirling.

In the announcement of winners, the host says that the judges were having a difficult time breaking the tie for the champion soloist. In the end, Maddie wins first place with a perfect score. Talia is not even the second-placer. The dance moms are relieved. However, ALDC gets second place again. MDP wins the group competition.

Back in the dressing room, Holly calls somebody. She asks if the person on the other line wants to work with Nia. Other dance moms are surprised.

Who is Holly talking to? Is Abby not coming back? Catch the next episode on Feb. 10, 2015.

There you have it for the recap on “Dance Moms” Season 5 Episode 5 “Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby” aired last Feb. 3, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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