Dance Moms Season 5 Recap: Like Mother, Like Daughter

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Dance Moms Season 5 Recap: Like Mother, Like Daughter
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“Dance Moms” Season 5 Episode 3 “JoJo with a Bow Bow” aired last Jan. 20, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime. Holly tells Abby that the mothers want to talk to her before rehearsals. Read on to know what happens next.

Abby straightforwardly says no. She thinks some dance moms’ behavior is “hurtful.”

Before rehearsals, Abby announces that they are heading to New Jersey for the In10sity Dance Competition. She says that Maddie will not join them because she is going to Los Angeles to perform for a benefit concert.  She is proud to say that Maddie “opens doors” for ALDC. She presents the head shots from the previous photo shoot. Everybody is satisfied. Kendall says that Abby really knows what she is doing.  For the performance pyramid, Kendall is at the bottom because of her behavior backstage. Kalani is also at the bottom because of her low score in the competition. Nia and Mackenzie did a fairly great job. Maddie takes the top spot, but Abby says she must be beaten once in a while to encourage the girls.

Abby explains that the group routine will be “Something to Believe In,” which is about diversity in religion. Mackenzie is going to have a “Boom Boom” solo, which is a jazz acrobatic routine. However, Abby warns her that it will be her last solo if she will not get a high score.

Before introducing the next soloist, Abby explains that she chose her because of her charisma, strong personality and seldom cries to “mommy.” Holly cannot help but smile. Her smile fades when Abby opened the door to introduce the new girl JoJo and her mother Jessalynn. JoJo will have a lyrical solo. JoJo asks Abby if she will have a chance to replace Chloe.

“You can replace anyone – except my favorite,” Abby answers.

Melissa starts to get nervous for Mackenzie because of JoJo’s charisma. Abby emphasizes to the girls that JoJo is the only charismatic girl among them. JoJo dances in front of them. Holly thinks JoJo is “fabulous.” Jessalynn thinks that other moms are “scared to death” of her daughter. She proudly says to other moms that JoJo has the “LA look.” Jill tells her that JoJo does not fit in ALDC.

Abby wants Nia to be Maddie. She tells her to have a “spoken word piece” during the performance like her previous “Goodbye Maya.”

In the dance moms’ room, Jessalynn asks if what happened last week. The mothers explains to her about the rude things Abby said and did to everyone. Jessalynn tells them casually to “take it and accept it.” Holly gets mad. She thinks Jessalynn is a “rude” and “obnoxious” guest.

Back to the studio room, Abby insists to Mackenzie that she must have “sass.” She tells JoJo to give her bow to Mackenzie. She says that Mackenzie must be like JoJo. Melissa is not excited about the idea. While Mackenzie is performing, Abby says that the kid has no energy. Jessalynn says that she feels bad for Mackenzie. Melissa tells her that she does not care.

Abby gives JoJo a gentle lyrical piece to test her because she always dances aggressively. She starts to scold her because of improper execution. She talks to her and says that she will give her a different routine, which is electrifying and faster. The dance moms are so surprised because Abby has never done it before. Another surprise is Abby welcomes Sarah who is an “occasional” member of ALDC. Sarah’s mother Christy enters the room as well. Abby describes her as a “complete wackjob.” She says that JoJo did not apply any of her corrections. She concludes that JoJo cannot do lyrical pieces.

Christy enters the mothers’ room and cheerfully greets everybody before sitting down. Jessalynn angrily tells her that she is sitting on her phone and water. She bluntly tells Christy that she does not like her and Sarah.

“Better get used to it,” Christy tells Jessalynn casually.

While the girls are taking a break, Kalani notices that JoJo is “crazy” and “loud.” JoJo announces to the girls that she wants a “permanent spot” in the studio.

The argument continues in the mothers’ room when Jessalynn says that Christy is “stupid.” As usual, Christy is cool about it and tells her that Abby still has the last say.

Abby keeps on scolding Nia because she shows no feelings during the practice. She warns her that it will be her fault when the team loses. She tells her to perform like Maddie. She says that Nia must be more powerful.

Talking about Maddie, she is taking a break from rehearsals in LA. She feels sad that her mother is not with her. However, she is satisfied that her aunt is with her and excited that she will perform in front of more than 17,000 people for the first time. She calls Abby to catch up with the team. After saying the Kalani still has nice legs, Abby criticizes Nia’s performance, Sarah’s posture, JoJo’s execution and Mackenzie’s personality. Maddie just says positive things to encourage them. She tells Abby that she loves her and says goodbye to everyone.

While the girls are practicing the group routine, Kira thinks they are a “mess” and “set to fail.” Jill blames Abby who is busy on her phone. Abby says that she was busy checking the hotel rooms and travel arrangements.

Before the competition, everyone is worried that Abby does not arrive yet.  The dance moms talk to their daughters to encourage them.

“Go out there and kill it,” Jessalynn tells JoJo.

After Sarah’s “One Heart” routine and Jojo’s “Electricity” performance, Abby arrives just in time for Mackenzie’s performance. Jessalynn tells her that she missed JoJo’s routine.

“I can watch the tape,” Abby stells Jessalynn.

Jill and Holly think Abby’s timing is “wrong.” Abby defends herself that the girls must dance for the judges, not her. She also says that she had important business to attend to in New York, specifically her court date, and she does know anything about the program.

Backstage, JoJo asks Abby if she feels bad missing her performance.

“You are creating a monster,” Abby tells Jessalynn.

The tension disappears after the kids put on their costumes for the group routine. The mothers make fun of JoJo’s costume, which is a burka. They say it is the only thing to make JoJo shut up.

After the performances, it is time to announce the winners. For the mini elite solo category, Sarah wins first place. Abby’s jaws drop. She is impressed with Sarah’s accomplishment after learning the routine for only two days. She concludes that Sarah has potential. For the junior elite solo, JoJo takes third place. Mackenzie is the champion. Melissa is proud of her daughter to beat 30 kids from ages 10 to 12. However, the group only takes second place. Abby cannot stand it.

While everyone is busy packing their things backstage, Jessalynn announces that JoJo is still two points higher than Sarah.

“If it’s the truth, I don’t mind it being said,” JoJo tells everybody.

The mothers are appalled.

“Don’t say it in front of the kids!” Kira exclaims.

Jessalyn says she only cares for her daughter. Everybody leaves her behind.

Catch the next episode on Jan. 27, 2015 for more exciting confrontations from the dance moms.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lifetime Television

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