‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Kalani Hilliker Not Thrilled About Kira Girard’s Pregnancy

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Kalani Hilliker Not Thrilled About Kira Girard’s Pregnancy
“Dance Moms’ Season 5 Episode 29 spoilers revealed that Kira Girard in hospital because of pregnancy complications?

“Dance Moms” star Kira Girard ecstatically announced to her fellow dance moms, last July 28, 2015 in the “Baby Dance Mama Drama” episode, that she is expecting a third child. Why isn’t Kalani Hilliker happy about it?

The “Dance Moms” cast was treated to a surprise when Girard publicly announced that she is going to have another baby, as reported by Realty Today. Kira told the cast that she is already five months along and that her silence regarding the matter is due to some complications she was experiencing. The announcement was greeted by everyone by excitement, well almost everyone.

The viewers of the reality show were not able to see the reaction of the 34 years old’s daughter, Kira, regarding her mother’s third incoming baby. On the deleted scene by Lifetime, it shows Kira and Kalani having a discussion with regards to the pregnancy.

The exchange of conversation show that Kira was reassuring her daughter that nothing would change in her, Kalani’s, life with the addition of a new child in their family.

“I just want to reassure you no matter what happens your life isn’t going to change, you’re still going to be able to dance and do everything you want to do,” Kira says to her daughter as reported by IBTimes.

On the other hand, Kalani was shown to be somewhat annoyed and deflective of the issue. As they were discussing, Kalani asked if she could be dismissed in order to continue practicing with her teammates but Kira didn’t allow it. In addition to this, Kalani also blurts out that she’ll be going away in four years time and that she’ll barely even know it.

In another interview, Kira reveals that Kalani has very mixed emotions about having a new sibling. Girard, says that the torn reaction of her daughter probably stems from Kira not having the chance to know her new sibling or her being afraid of the outcome of the pregnancy.

Whether or not Kira’s reason for having mixed feelings is because she about to leave her family in four years or because she is afraid that her new sibling is going to negatively affect her career, do you think that she has the right to act that way to her mother and yet to be born sibling? Tell us your opinion on the matter by leaving your comments below, we would love to hear from you.

You can view the deleted scene here.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Dance Moms

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