‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 21 Cast List Confirmed! Producers To Make Big Announcement Soon

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 21 Cast List Confirmed! Producers To Make Big Announcement Soon
Dancing with the stars

“Dancing with the stars” season 21 is raring to go on air and the cast and the crew are keeping the press and the public busy with interesting spoilers about the show. The few early teasers sound delightful and extremely interesting.

The “Dancing with the Stars” executive producer Rob Wade told the public that they are going to continue taking risks with show in the new season. Season 21 will take greater risks with themes, competitions, and challenges. “We had a really fantastic season last season with new ideas like ‘Judges’ Choice,’ so that gives us [the push] to take greater risks in our themes and competitions and challenges,” he declared to the press recently.

In addition to taking some seriously mindblowing risks, Wade revealed that he and co-executive producer Deena Katz were doing their best to improve “the show in every single area.” They are even going to bring back old favorite routines like bringing back the fan-favorite “DWTS” routine of the “Switch Up”! Readers will remember that  the “Switch Up” involves the show’s professional dancers switching celebrity partners for one episode.

Past seasons have shown that this routine was a big hit with the audiences, even though it felt chaotic to the contestants and the dancers training them. But the routines that resulted were downright funtastic and that is the reason why the producers are planning to bring them back.

Katz and Wade also revealed that they were almost done with the casting of the show. “We’re about 4/5 of the way there. We like to be around since we’re a very current show. The premiere of the show is still over a month and a half away, which is a long time. So you want to see [who might want to join the show].”
“Dancing with the stars” season 21 returns this September and will have an all star cast to charm the audiences.

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