Daniel Craig Asked To Shut Up By Producers For Bashing Bond Franchise

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Daniel Craig Asked To Shut Up By Producers For Bashing Bond Franchise

Maybe, saying that “slashing your wrists instead of playing James Bond again” is not the best thing you might want to say for a franchise that is more than 50 years old and also happens to be one of the biggest in the world. Moreover, if it has given you international recognition and literally put millions in your bank then you definitely shouldn’t say anything like that. Then, what has happened with Daniel Craig? Read On!


According to MailOnline, that is something that the producers of the Bond franchise said when they asked Daniel Craig to shut up. For the past sometime, his comments about playing the world’s most suave spy 007 James Bond haven’t been the sweetest ones as he recently stated that he would rather break a glass and slash his wrists than play James Bond again.

Perhaps, this comment was enough for the producers to respond to the actor’s comments and following the same it is being reported that they have not taken very kindly to the “SPECTRE” star’s comments and have warned him to not talk rubbish about the franchise.

The actor’s comments about the franchise is a bit odd but it is being said that the difficulty he had to face while shooting the upcoming “SPECTRE” is the reason why he is so bitter about it. There were a few problems that occurred while shooting “SPECTRE,” including some initial problems with the script; Daniel suffering a knee injury for which he had to get operated and finally the re-shoots that went on till last month even after the fact that the movie will be out in a few weeks in the UK.


The Telegraph added that Sony executives have sternly asked Daniel to not bash James Bond franchise and its not just the execs who have a word to say to the actor. A source mentioned to the New York Post that Daniel shouldn’t blame the one franchise that made him an international star as he has not had even one big hit outside the franchise.

This surely must be some kind of Bond humor that Daniel Craig might be trying out because if its not, then he might be going the George Lazenby way and might just get fired for his unnecessary comments.

Photo source: Facebook/SPECTRE

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