Daniel Radcliffe Opens Up On His Bond With Harry Potter & Alcohol Addiction

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Daniel Radcliffe Opens Up On His Bond With Harry Potter & Alcohol Addiction
Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe, the synonym to Harry Potter, shot to fame at a very young age. He is one name who is known worldwide for his iconic role of Harry Potter. The 26 year old Radcliffe recently appeared on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and shared lot many things about his work and life. He called himself lucky for being casted in the 10 year long franchise that made eight films starring him in the lead cast. He is actually grown up with Harry Potter and is evident from each film of the series. Read on to find out more interesting revelation on Daniel Radcliffe scoop ahead.


According to Mirror UK,  Radcliffe noted that, he felt lucky to get opportunities with mature roles after immediately after finishing off Harry Potter franchise.  He further stated that he could have got similar teenage roles but he was fortunate to receive varied offers.

He agreed to a fact that it becomes a very different life and lifestyle after the franchise was called off. It is difficult to accept that no more Harry Potter is going to be there; he has been into it for 10 years and has actually grown up with the franchise.

Radcliffe was just 11 when he was first starred in the fantasy franchise for the very first flick. He has spent his entire teenage with the franchise and has formed a deep bond with the character. He recalled the last day of Harry Potter and admitted that he was absolutely inconsolable.


Radcliffe got into boozing and was badly addicted to alcohol which made him suffer a lot, but he is proudly stated on the show that he hasn’t got drunk over the last two years.

Daniel Radcliffe was last seen in the rom-com “Trainwreck” and will be seen in many movies next slated to release next year including “Now You See Me: The Second Act”, “Swiss Army Man” and “Imperium”.

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