Daniel Radcliffe Stars in the Horror Film Horns [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Daniel Radcliffe Stars in the Horror Film Horns [WATCH VIDEO]
Daniel Radcliffe at the Make Believe On Broadway 2011, New York City.

“Harry Potter’s” Daniel Radcliffe promotes his new dark horror film, “Horns,” where he portrays its lead character. Read further for more details about the story.

Radcliffe, known by most fans as the boy who lived, Harry Potter, promotes his newest dark horror project, “Horns,” in the recently held San Diego Comic-Con 2014. In his very first comic-con, Radcliffe proclaimed that he wants to last; he wants to be an actor. “Horns” is an adaptation based on Joe Hill’s award-winning novel of the same name. Radcliffe plays Ignatius “Ig” Perrish, a 26-year-old man who wakes up one morning after a drunken night to find that he has sprouted two protrusions growing from his forehead. These horns give him the power to compel people to unravel their deepest secrets, which he will utilize in order to solve the rape and murder of his girlfriend, which people accuse him of.

French Horror director Alexandre Aja is slotted to direct the said film. Radcliffe, Aja and Hill revealed the premiere of the U.S. trailer of the film plus and an extended scene that had been edited out for the young audiences. In the trailer, Ig is shown to use his supernatural powers to compel the media into creating a riot. “Getting journalists to fight … I took pleasure in that scene,” admitted Radcliffe, as media scrutiny has eventually taken its toll on the young actor. “Towards the end of time on Potter, I did start to get worried. I wasn’t before but journalists started asking, ‘Do you think your best years are behind you?’ — at 20,” narrated Radcliffe as published on Deadline.

Radcliffe addresses his determination “to have a career after Potter.” He is known for his break in J.K. Rowlings’ “Harry Potter” series as the titular “boy who lived” himself, along with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint who play as Potter’s best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Besides “Harry Potter,” Radcliffe has also starred in the 2012 British horror film, “The Woman in Black,” and in the 2013 American biographical drama film, “Kill Your Darlings.” Aside from film, Radcliffe began to branch out to stage acting in 2007, starring in the London and New York productions of “Equus.” In 2011, he starred in the Broadway revival of the musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.”

“Horns” premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and will have its theatrical release in North America and UK on Oct. 31, 2014.

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