Danny Pino and Aaron Tveit Join CBS’ ‘Brain Dead’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Danny Pino and Aaron Tveit Join CBS’ ‘Brain Dead’
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At a time when politics and the government are heavily criticized and talked about, CBS has found a solution to lighten the mood by introducing “Brain Dead,” an upcoming zombie series that has found a home for “Law & Order: SVU” veteran Danny Pino, and “Graceland” star Aaron Tveit. Read on to learn more about “Brain Dead” and to learn more about who Pino and Tveit will be portraying in the series.

In the past few years, humanity has had an increased interest in both zombies and aliens. There have been countless shows that have aliens in them, and there are currently a lot of television shows that are part of the zombie genre, such as the much celebrated “The Walking Dead,” and the comical and fun “iZombie.”


This time around, CBS has decided to put an interesting twist to things by coming up with a series that deftly manages to put an interesting twist to the alien and zombie genre.

CBS’ “Brain Dead,” which is, according to both TV Line and Deadline, described as a “comic thriller,” centers around Laurel (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a new Capitol Hill employee who discovers that her job is quite different from expected after discovering that aliens have been eating the brains of several important politicians and congressmen.

Joining her as her brother is actor Danny Pino, who is more popularly known for his role as Detective Nick Amaro from “Law & Order: SVU,” and whose character departed in the previous season.

According to Deadline and TV Line, Pino will portray Laurel’s brother, who is also a Democrat Senator.

Winstead and Pino will also be joined by “Les Miserables” and “Graceland” actor Aaron Tveit, who will be portraying, according to TV Line, a Republican named Gareth.


Gareth, according to the report, will help them save the world from these brain eating aliens, and is described as the “Legislative Director” for a Republican Senator.

As Pino and Tveit are in different political camps, it will be interesting to see how the two come to work together to save humanity as we know it.

Tveit, aside from being known on Broadway, and for “Graceland,” will also be appearing in an upcoming adaptation of “Grease” on FOX, where he will portray the main character, Danny Zuko.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/William Golden/Uploaded by Magnus Manske

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