‘Daredevil’ Finds It’s Elektra in Elodie Yung

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Daredevil’ Finds It’s Elektra in Elodie Yung
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The iconic MARVEL superhero, Daredevil, also known as Matt Murdock, has had several relationships in his tenure as a superhero, but none as tumultuous and as iconic as his relationship with Elektra, a female ninja assassin. However, thankfully, after what the official MARVEL website described as a worldwide search, the show, “Daredevil,” has finally found its Elektra in the form of actress Elodie Yung. Read on to learn more about this story.

According to the official website of MARVEL, the most iconic love interest of the Man Without Fear, Elektra, a female ninja assassin, and later leader of the mysterious ninja organization known as The Hand, has been found in the person of actress Elodie Yung. She will be joining Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle or Punisher, in the second season of the series.

The character of Elektra had been mentioned in the first season by Franklin “Foggy” Nelson (Elden Henson) in the show’s first season in a flashback to their law school days. Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) told his friend that his relationship with the “Greek girl” hadn’t gone so well.

Elektra is an iconic figure in the literature of “Daredevil. She had been killed off in one story by one of Daredevil’s biggest enemies, Bullseye, and was later resurrected to become the leader of the Hand, which is opposed to the organization that Matt’s mentor, Stick, belonged too. Because of this, the pair had an iconic and tumultuous relationship, which included many spectacular fight sequences. Jeph Loeb, the Head of MARVEL’s Television branch, said in the article on the official website of MARVEL,  that these fight scenes will be seen in the second season.

Yung has had experience in appearing in projects similar to this genre, as she has appeared in movies such as “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and “District 13: Ultimatum.”

Previous to Yung, the role of Elektra had been portrayed by Jennifer Garner in a “Daredevil” movie which starred Ben Affleck, and in a spin-off movie solely dedicated to Elektra.

What do you think about Elodie Yung as Elektra? What are your favorite scenes of Elektra and Daredevil together? What are your favorite fight sequences of the pair? Let us Know what you think in the comments below!

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Catch the second season of MARVEL’s “Daredevil” when it returns to Netflix in 2016.

Photo Source:Wikimedia Commons/MARVEL Studios/Netflix/Uploaded by Piper23

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