Daredevil Update: Scott Glenn to Portray Daredevil’s Mentor

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Daredevil Update: Scott Glenn to Portray Daredevil’s Mentor
Scott Glenn at the Vanity Fair party celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Tribeca Film Festival. April 27, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

It seems like even Netflix has joined the live-action television series trend, as it is constantly moving forward in its development for Marvel’s “Daredevil.” On Monday, Sept. 15, 2014, Marvel has just announced that veteran actor Scott Glenn had joined the cast as Matt Murdock’s mentor. Read on to learn more about this story.

Stick, the character whom Scott Glenn will be portraying, is the mentor and teacher of Matt Murdock, who later on became known as the superhero Daredevil. Stick was the one who trained both Murdock and Elektra, another character in the “Daredevil” series, all he knew about martial arts. Aside from being a master of martial arts, Stick, according to Marvel’s character database, has heightened senses, just like Daredevil. However, his proximity or radar sense is stronger than Daredevil’s. He is also affiliated with the group Chaste.

According to Marvel, Scott Glenn is the perfect choice for Daredevil’s mentor as Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Head of Television, said that Glenn brings “authenticity, gravitas and charisma to such a key role in Matt’s journey to become the superhero we call Daredevil.”

Glenn, a veteran actor, is best known for his appearance in films such as “The Hunt for Red October” (1990), “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991), “Vertical Limit” (2000), “Training Day” (2001)  and “The Bourne Ultimatum” (2007). He was last seen on television in the role of Kevin Garvey Sr. in “The Leftovers” (2014).

“Daredevil” follows the story of Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), a criminal trial lawyer by day, and a superhero — Daredevil — by night. Murdock, who lives in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, became blind when he was younger, due to a radioactive substance. This caused him to have heightened senses and later on became skilled in martial arts. In addition, Daredevil used to be affiliated with the group known as the ‘Defenders’.

Also in the “Daredevil” cast are Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin) and Rosario Dawson.

The television series is produced by Marvel Television and ABC Studios.

And that’s the latest update on “Daredevil,” with Scott Glenn being tapped to portray Stick, Daredevil’s mentor. For more news and updates on “Daredevil” and other television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch Marvel’s “Daredevil” on Netflix in 2015.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone


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