Daredevil Update: The Punisher to Appear in Season Two

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Daredevil Update: The Punisher to Appear in Season Two
Daredevil Logo. Feb. 8, 2015. Wikimedia Commons/MARVEL Studios/Netflix/Uploaded by Piper23

According to the official website of MARVEL, another iconic character will be gracing the small screen for the second season of MARVEL’s “Daredevil”, which had its first season released several months ago on Netflix. According to MARVEL, the iconic character that will be seen in the second season is none other than Frank Castle, “The Punisher”. Read on to learn more about the appearance of this iconic character, and as to who will be playing him.

According to the official website of MARVEL, Frank Castle, also known as “The Punisher”, a vigilante who will do anything to clean the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, will be gracing the small screen in the second season of MARVEL’s “Daredevil”.

According to MARVEL.com, this character, who was originally named Frank Castiglioni, was a former Marine who witnessed an Italian crime family murder his own family. Frank survived the attack, and sought for justice for his family using the traditional means, but discovered that the police couldn’t help him, as they were corrupt. Because of this, he took on the persona of “The Punisher”, and exacted revenge, or punishment, physically, while riding a motorcycle and wearing a shirt with a skull. Afterwards, as “The Punisher”, he decided to go on a one man war against all crime, and in doing so, often crosses paths with heroes such as Daredevil and Spiderman.

According to the official website of MARVEL, The Punisher will be portrayed by actor Jon Bernthal, who has appeared in other projects such as “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Walking Dead”.

According to an interview with Jeph Loeb, the Head of MARVEL’s Television division, this iconic character’s appearance will bring a lot of changes to the blind lawyer Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), who is a lawyer by day and Hell’s Kitchen’s personal vigilante by night.  Loeb then went on to say that Bernthal was perfect for the role as he “brings an unmatched intensity…with a potent blend of power, motivation and vulnerability that will connect with audiences”.

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Catch the second season of MARVEL’s “Daredevil” when it returns to Netflix in 2016.

Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons/MARVEL Studios/Netflix/Uploaded by Piper23


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