Dark Matter Recap: Episode Eleven

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Recap: Episode Eleven
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“Dark Matter” Season 1 Episode 11 “Episode Eleven” aired on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, Wexler (Ennis Esmer) tried to press his advantage over the crew of the Raza through torture and by keeping the men locked up in the sealed vault. However, things quickly went south for him as he discovered that Two (Melissa O’Neil), who later on discovered something surprising about herself, wasn’t as dead as she seemed. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up moments before the end of the previous episode. It highlighted the crew’s reaction to Wexler’s (Ennis Esmaer) threats of spacing Two (Melissa O’Neil) if they didn’t give up the code for the vault.

It was then shown that One (Marc Bendavid) had been on the verge of revealing it. However, he was beaten to the punch by Three (Anthony Lemke). Afterwards, to their horror, Two was spaced.

Before being shoved inside the vault, Four (Alex Mallari Jr) and Three tried to unsuccessfully fight back, with Four breaking Cain’s (Conrad Pla) nose.

Inside the vault, Five (Jodelle Ferland) revealed that she had a pocket knife hidden in her boot, but it didn’t do any good. Three began to throw and shove things around in anger.

Soon afterwards, Wexler brought One out to be tortured for information as a mutual friend of theirs had mentioned that Jace Corso had hidden all of his loot in an uninhabited world. They then decided to bring Five in as leverage. It was since they couldn’t maim or harm One due to the fact that they wouldn’t be able to collect the bounty on his head if Corso was in any way maimed or harmed.

Thankfully, they weren’t able to harm Five as Wexler was called away to the bridge due to a complication that had just been spotted.

While Wexler was gone, One reassured Five that he would protect her, despite the fact that Five insisted that One not say anything to them at all.

However, since the complication had to do with the FTL drive going offline. Since Wexler refused to reactivate the Android (Zoie Palmer), they decided to put Five’s skills to use, and sent One back to the vault. He gave a rallying speech to the rest of the men, that they had to fight and reclaim the Raza.

This, however, didn’t do them much good, as the air in the vault was thinning.

Four then decided to conserve oxygen by sleeping, and One, during a conversation with Three, who had been calmed down by Six (Roger Cross). It began hinting at a darker side to his true self- Derrick Moss, as he was still conflicted about the fact that Three, had killed his wife.

Meanwhile, Vons (John Cor)  volunteered to go out and fix the disengaged coupling that was causing the FTL drive to go offline.

However, after a few minutes outside the ship, Vons suddenly and mysteriously died.

Inside the airlock, Two entered the airlock, and entered the ship stealthily after Cain opened it to check what was going on.

Two then killed Tash (Jessica Sipos) after she hit Five, and dispatched several soldiers from a rival corporation. It had an agreement with Wexler about the device that they had just stolen, as their shuttle had just docked on the Raza. Two was later saved by Five, who shot Cain to death as he was about to dispatch of Two.

Thanks to this, Two revealed herself to Wexler, and to the corporation that Wexler was going to sell the device to, which caused them to leave in a hurry.

Two then threatened to space Wexler if he didn’t give her the code. Wexler then gave up the code, but Two decided to space him anyway.

As soon as they got the code, Five opened the vault to discover the three men armed and ready to take down Wexler and his crew.

While Five tended to them, the Android told Two that her previous suspicions about her had just been confirmed- Two was a bio-synthetic organism with corrective nanites that have been protecting her ever since. However, as her existence was a violation of all of the Galactic Authority laws, they could never reveal her true nature to anyone.

Afterwards, although Three, Six and Four didn’t trust Two anymore, they, along with One, gave the device to the laboratory that they were supposed to deliver it to.

However, right after they left, while Mikkei Combine’s scientist tested on the device, the device caused the entire planet to explode in front of their very eyes.

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Catch the double episode season finale of “Dark Matter” this upcoming Friday night at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy.

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