Dark Matter Recap: Episode Five

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Recap: Episode Five
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Dark Matter” Season 1 Episode 5 “Episode Five” aired on Friday, July 10, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, after being contacted by their handler and broker, they accepted a mission to salvage a shipwreck. However, the team soon realized that they had walked into something dangerous, which resulted with Two’s (Melissa O’Neil) life hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, One (Marc Bendavid) and Three (Anthony Lemke), after getting separated from the rest, tried to work together despite the fact that Three was now blackmailing One regarding the truth about One’s identity. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began at the mess hall. Three (Anthony Lemke) suggested that they rob Ferrous Corporation in order so that they could sell that loot, and earn some money for a decent meal. One (Marc Bendavid) began to contradict him. He quickly agreed with Three after being reminded that Three knew the truth about who he really was. Five (Jodelle Ferland) then showed them the vault that couldn’t be opened, as she thought that there might be something valuable behind the door. They were then interrupted by the Android (Zoie Palmer). She called them up to the bridge as their handler or underworld broker, Talbor Calcheck (David Hewlett) was annoyed that their deal with Ferrous Corporation regarding the mining colony had not gone well at all. Because of this, he gave them another mission, which they would have to do at half the price. They were to run a simple salvage mission on the ISS Far Horizon, which had blown up due to some radiation in space, and had no survivors.

Before arriving, upon visiting Two (Melissa O’Neil) at her quarters, One was surprised to discover that Three had been there the entire time.

On board the Far Horizon, as they had to go fast as life support would only be on for six hours, Two headed down to the engineering room in order to link up the Android to the ship’s Faster than Light drive. The others then paired off in order to find something to salvage and sell.

Back on the ship, Five asked the Android to take a look at a data card she had found in the fateful storage unit. The Android then told Five that the data card was part of something bigger. It also said that it allowed one to access “small pockets of space.”

Back on the Far Horizon, Two called everyone to her after Six and Four discovered several crewmembers who looked like they had been attacked savagely. Two then got bitten by a zombie-like creature, whom Six promptly shot to death. After discovering that the crew had gotten infected by a pathogen that infected people via transmission of liquids, Four and Six argued about what to do with Two until the Android suggested that they place her in the isolation chamber in their infirmary, where she would scan her for any signs of viral infection.

Meanwhile, on the Far Horizon, One and Three, who were going around in circles, constantly were, figuratively, at each other’s throats. One warned Three not to abuse Three’s blackmailing of him, and Three told One that Two preferred him over One, and that he thought that One was annoyingly arrogant towards them. However, their arguing got cut short after encountering a woman eating a dismembered arm.

While One tried manipulating the wiring in order to open another door, Three shot several zombie-like creatures and caused a breach in the hull. However, One managed to save Three from slipping into space. Afterwards, Three apologized, and the two passed out. However, they gained consciousness just as Six began to hail them. He then told them to head down two levels as he would be waiting at an airlock there.

Back on the Raza, the Android told them that Two was infected with a deadly virus. It had been the consequence of an experiment to prolong human life on a planet now under Galactic Quarantine, which had gone horribly wrong. Four then offered to give her a quick and honorable death, but Two refused. She and Five then reconciled over recent events and told her to never give up on the others.

The Android then restored life support on the levels where One and Three were, which prompted Three to shoot all the revived creatures there dead.

Back on the ship, One stepped in as the officer in charge and had the infectious ship blown up. He then let Three now that he was tired of playing his game, fought hard to get Two out of the isolation chamber after she exhibited no signs of turning. After a scan showed that she was clean, she was let out. However, things were still tense, as it wouldn’t be easy to forget.

She then apologized to Three for losing the ship and tried to come on to him, but he refused.

She then went to her room, where, to her confusion, she discovered that there was no trace of the bite on her.

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