Dark Matter Recap: Episode Nine

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Recap: Episode Nine
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“Dark Matter” Season 1 Episode 9 “Episode Nine” aired on Friday, August 7, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, after discovering that Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) had left to confront his past, the rest of the crew struggled with the decision of what to do next. Six (Roger Cross) and One (Marc Bendavid) struggled with their own feelings from the events that occurred in the previous episode, and Two (Melissa O’Neil) became determined to discover who exactly had wiped their memories. Read on to learn more about this episode.

While checking the supplies that they had gotten at the space station, One (Marc Bendavid) behaved testily towards Three (Anthony Lemke). He was struggling with the discovery that Three had murdered his wife. Later, they discovered that Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) wasn’t on the ship, and with the Android’s (Zoie Palmer) help, began to track him down. Two (Melissa O’Neil) then revealed that Four was really the Crown Prince Ryo Testudo of the Ishida clan, who had been suspected of murdering his father.

Meanwhile, on an independent mining colony, Four met up with his former teacher, Akita (Russell Yuen), whom he fought, after dispatching the other men that Akita had brought. However, Four was knocked unconscious and woke up to find his hands bound. He discovered that Akita was dressing his wound. This made him remember that whenever his father would be hard on him, and whenever he would get annoyed at his father, Akita would comfort him. He reminded him that his father was hard on him as he was going to be emperor someday.

Back on the Raza, One discovered, much to his surprise, after asking Six (Roger Cross) whether he still wanted to go after the General. Meanwhile, Six now only blamed himself for not realizing that he had gotten set up to commit an act of terrorism.

At the cargo bay, after Three suggested that they go after Four so that they would have a friend in a powerful place. It was when he did ascend the throne, One couldn’t control his anger towards Three, and attacked him. After being separated by Two and Six, and after being confronted by Two regarding his actions, One revealed to her that he had been a CEO of a big company and that Three had killed his wife. Two then became shocked to learn that One was now beginning to think that some of them would never change.

Meanwhile, at the training room, after Five asked Six to teach her how to fight, Six snapped at her. He told her that she would be better off far away from them as she wasn’t like them at all, which made her cry.

At the medical bay, the Android discovered that Three was fine with her programming. It was even though she thought that there was a flaw in her system because she had feelings.

Later, at the cargo bay, Two, now determined more than ever to discover who exactly had wiped their memories in order to get rid of the air of mistrust on the ship, confronted Three. The two of them realized, before arriving at the mining colony, that the only ones who could’ve done the mind wipe were Two, Three and One.

On the mining colony. Four told Akita the truth regarding his father’s murder and was surprised to learn that Akita wasn’t surprised by this. Four then tried to persuade Akita to help him regain his rightful throne but were interrupted by several outlaws, whom, together, they defeated. However, Akita had gotten shot in the back, and Four insisted that he dress his wound, just like Akita used to do for him.

While he did this, Akita wondered why Four never used the fact that Akita owed him his life in order to persuade him to help Four out. It turned out that Akita was going to be executed for ordering a charge during a battle which turned out to be a fiasco. However, before his father could do anything, Four, or Ryo, shouldered the blame for him. He then promised Four that he would repay his debt. However, he ordered his other men, who had just arrived, to take Four in. However, they were interrupted by One, Three and Two, who fought the other guards of.

During the battle, One was tempted to kill Three, but spared his life instead. It caused Three to tell him later that they were currently “even,” when it comes to saving each other’s lives.

Afterwards, Four killed Akita, which made Hiro (Karl Ang), Four’s brother feel guilty. He had been the one who was supposed have met up with Four, in order to learn the truth regarding their father’s death. However, the Empress (Mung-Ling Tsui) had sent Akita instead.

Back on the ship, Five and Six reconciled, and Four thanked Two for coming back for him. He then promised that he would remember them, his new family when he regained his throne with their help.

After a while, they were summoned to the bridge as three Ferrous Corp destroyers had just appeared and had taken out their Faster than Light (FTL) drive.

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