Dark Matter Recap: Episode Seven

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Recap: Episode Seven
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Dark Matter” Season 1 Episode 7 “Episode Seven” aired on Friday, July 24, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, Three (Anthony Lemke) learned more about himself and his past after discovering a woman who knew him in a stasis pod behind the locked section of the ship. Meanwhile, One (Marc Bendavid) and Two (Melissa O’Neil) struggled with their feelings with each other, especially after the crew discovered an Entertainment Android (Ruby Rose), who made the Android (Zoie Palmer) a little bit jealous. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Five (Jodelle Ferland) realizing that the code word she had heard Six (Roger Cross). It was when she was probing her mind for the crew’s memories was the code word that would open up the locked section of the ship.

Meanwhile, One (Marc Bendavid) entered Two’s (Melissa O’Neil) room to give her a status update. However, he looked away as he did so as she had just stepped out of the shower. Two then made him realize that he was there because he was jealous of Three (Anthony Lemke). She told him that things would get too complicated if he, One, and she were together.

After opening the locked portion of the chamber, they discovered a crate of guns and money, which would help them fix the ship up. They also discovered a woman in a stasis pod, to whom Three seemed to be drawn to.

After scanning her at the medical bay, the Android (Zoie Palmer) revealed that the woman was dying and had been put into stasis in order to keep her alive a little bit longer. After waking her up, she introduced herself as Sarah (Natalie Brown), and upon seeing Three, hugged him and called him by his first name-Marcus. However, after explaining what had happened to them, Three decided to leave the bay for a while.

Meanwhile, One and Six discovered an Entertainment Android, who introduced herself as Wendy (Ruby Rose). She proceeded to make efficient use of their remaining rations, and made their meals taste better. Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) also warmed up to her after she massaged out some muscle tension in his shoulders which had formed during his many training and practice sessions. This caused the Android to feel a little bit jealous. It seemed as if no one was recognizing the work that she does for the crew and the ship.

Back at the medical bay, Two discovered from Sarah that she knew what Three did for a living. She then told her that she lived on a mining planet owned by Ferrous Corporation. They did nothing about the degenerative sickness that plagued all the planet’s inhabitants due to the mining that they did. Because of that, there had been a rebellion in which her husband had died. One year afterwards, she discovered Three wounded in a forest near her farm. She then nursed him back to health, and he had saved her life by prolonging it a little by putting her in stasis.

Two then told Three to talk to Sarah, and discovered that One had availed himself of some of Wendy’s special “techniques.” It made her feel uncomfortable with Wendy, especially as Wendy knew how she felt about One. However, Two had actually interrupted Wendy who had been looking through One’s computer, and left his room with one of his guns.

In the corridors of the ship, One ran into the Android, who had unzipped the upper portion of her catsuit. He asked One, who didn’t reply to her queries, which of her two thousand accents he would like her to use.

Later, Five, sensing that the Android was jealous of Wendy, tried to help her understand this emotion.

Meanwhile, Three led Sarah to his room and tidied it for her to sit down on the bed. There, he discovered that they had been in love with each other and that he had stayed by her side due to her condition for an entire winter. Sarah then tried to make him realize that he was a good person. However, she collapsed, which caused him to rush her to the medical bay, where Five was.

However, they couldn’t get the Android on the comms, as Wendy, who had been programmed by a man named Cyrus King. He was seeking revenge on them, so Wendy had shot the Android, and locked them out of the bridge so that she could fly the ship into a star.

Three then put Sarah in the stasis pod and distracted Wendy while Five tried to gain control of the bridge. Thankfully, Four was able to sever Wendy’s head. It allowed Two to gain the code to regain control, and shut her down just in time, as Wendy’s body fought back against Six and Three.

Afterwards, Three mourned the loss of Sarah after discovering that the disease had taken over as the stasis pod’s power had fluctuated. Five became worried about the Android, who had to regenerate.

In the end, Two went to One’s room and told him that being “complicated” wasn’t a bad thing at all.

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