Dark Matter Recap: Episode Six

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Recap: Episode Six
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Dark Matter” Season 1 Episode 6 “Episode Six” aired on Friday, July 17, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, more was learned about the other characters on the ship as Five (Jodelle Ferland) used a mind probe on herself to help her remember their jumbled up memories inside her head. Because of this, Six (Roger Cross), also got to learn more about himself. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Five (Jodelle Ferland) experiencing herself garbed in ceremonial armor, and running away from some men who were after her, as the crown prince of the planet. Afterwards, she quickly killed all of them with her sword and dagger. The scene then shifted back to the Raza. Two (Melissa O’Neil) and the others were getting worried about Five’s condition, as her vital signs were going haywire.

The episode then shifted to twenty-four hours beforehand, where Two explained to Talbor Kalcheck (David Hewlett). They realized he had known more about the Far Horizon that he had let on, that they had blown up the Far Horizon.

Afterwards, One (Marc Bendavid) confronted Two about the fact that she had slept with Three (Anthony Lemke). She then revealed that she did have feelings for One. She implied that having a relationship with him would lead to “complications.”

After overhearing the others talking on how they don’t have enough supplies or money as of the moment, Five volunteered to have her mind probed. Their jumbled up memories in her head might help them discover who they could reach out to.

She then found herself in Four’s (Alex Mallari Jr.) memory, when he was a teenager. He was sparring with another boy but was chastised by his father, the Emperor, as he had been going too easy on the other boy.  However, as her vital signs began to go haywire, Two had the Android (Zoie Palmer) pull her out.

Afterwards, she told Four what she had seen. He suggested that she learn how to control her emotions so that she could delve into more of the memories.

After much trepidation, Two allowed her to go under again.

This time, as Four, Five, upon talking to the crown prince Ryo Tetsuda’s half-brother, she discovered that the half-brother and the Empress, Ryo’s stepmother, were upset with him. They claimed that he had been the one who had banished his half-brother. It was also revealed that the memory that Five had in the pilot episode with her walking along a beach with her brother was that of Four’s.

Upset, Ryo became intoxicated and decided to confront his father, Emperor Ishida Tetsuda (Hiro Kanagawa) as he knew that the Emperor had banished his half-brother. However, he discovered that his father had been killed by the Empress, who had framed him. This caused the crown prince to run, and after being cornered by his old sword master and his men, killed them all.

On the ship, Five’s vital signs began to spike, but she calmed down soon right after.

She then found herself on a space station, as herself. After picking the pocket of a random passerby, she went back to her crew only to discover that they had been killed, and that only one- TJ (Gage Munroe), the boy that Five had found dead on the ship, had been shot in the stomach, due to a data card she had stolen.

After stowing away on the Raza where One, Three and Six (Roger Cross) were, she went to the sick bay to steal the medicine. However, she was discovered by Three, who began to push her out the airlock.

Back on the ship, the others began to get worried as she couldn’t wake up. Six volunteered then to go under to get her.

Six then saw a memory of his own. He and his comrades of a rebellion against the big corporations celebrated their victory. It was only to discover that their leader, the General, had used their shuttle to blow up an entire space station. Six then killed everyone, then tried to kill himself, but failed.

Six then willed himself out of the memory and found Five, who was at a farm. She guessed that it was One’s memory. She told Six that that she didn’t want to leave as she didn’t have to worry about things there. However, Six convinced her to leave with him.

Five then told Four that the Empress had killed the Emperor, and not him. It caused Four to dangerously and silently stalk out of the training hall.

Five then thanked Six for helping her and told him that she now knew that she could trust him more than she currently trusted Two.

However, after she left, Six watched a news clip about how the General was currently being hunted down for killing thousands of civilians on the space station that had blown up.

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