Dark Matter Recap: Episode Three

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Recap: Episode Three
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Dark Matter” Season 1 Episode 3 “Episode Three” ” aired on Friday, June 26, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, after the ship’s crew discovered that the ship had been sabotaged and that a dead boy had been found in a utility room, the tension and paranoia on the ship increased, leaving to be fractured about a key decision, while the Android (Zoie Palmer) risked everything to save them and the ship. Meanwhile, more was learned about One (Marc Bendavid) and Five (Jodelle Ferland). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with the Android (Zoie Palmer) giving another hourly report as to their and the ship’s status while the rest of the crew ate breakfast.

At the mess hall, Three or Marcus Boone (Anthony Lemke) told them that they should sell the ship then go their separate ways. However, none of them agreed with him and left all the dirty plates with him.

Afterwards, as no one wanted to play with Five (Jodelle Ferland), she decided to go exploring by crawling through the ship’s vents. She then landed in a utility room. She discovered the body of a teenaged boy which she brought to the medical bay for the Android to scan him. They were then informed that he had been killed by a single gunshot wound to his kidney and had bled out to death.

Afterwards, Three tried to convince Four or Ryo Tersuda (Alex Mallari Jr) to vote in his favor, but he told him that it was too soon to leave and that he would take the ship for himself instead of selling it.Meanwhile, Six or Griffin Jones (Roger Cross) comforted Five, who revealed that she had some of their memories in her head. It led to Two or Portia Lin (Melissa O’Neil) telling the others as well, including the fact that the dream Five had of someone sabotaging the stasis pods checked out.

However, before they could begin to speculate further, the ship jumped out of Faster than Lightspeed. They had blown a very big fuse, which the Android began to repair.

Afterwards, Three showed four the huge locked door and wondered if he could open it. However, he couldn’t. Meanwhile, Six told Two that Five shouldn’t be with them as they were “bad company.” One then called them all to the mess hall, where he used the Android as a lie detector in order to figure out who had killed the boy and in order to figure out who had sabotaged the ship. However, the Android discovered that they were all telling the truth. They then forced Three to take the same test, but before he could continue with it, alarms rang out. Some gamma radiation had penetrated the hull of the ship as they had come out of FTL near a very active supernova. Adding to this, most of their current power was now being diverted to the shields so that it would hold.

The Android then went out in a space suit in order to replace the faulty coupling, despite the fact that an electromagnetic discharge which came around once in a while, like static. This was dangerous as it could knock her circuits out. She managed to replace the coupling, and power was restored, but she got knocked out by a discharge.

Six and One decided to retrieve her, but before they could do that, Three and Four began the jump, as the Android had given them an override program just in case. However, Four gave up, after the crew shifted their target on him, as Five had already taken away Three’s bullets when he wasn’t looking, as she had gotten in to his room through the vents.

They then managed to get the Android, but Six got hit by the charge, which caused him to flatline. However, thankfully, Five was able to get the Android back online, who revived Six.

Afterwards, Four looked at the ring in his box, and Five soldered the vent to his room shut. He told the Android to stop giving reports and to stop telling them what breakfast would be.

One then helped Two exercise. There, Two told on the ship hadn’t been sabotaged, and that he should stop obsessing over who had sabotaged their stasis pods. He then kissed her and then left after bidding her good night.

Meanwhile, Five re-entered the utility room and discovered a box containing a data chip and a gun where the boy had been.

Elsewhere, in a bar on a space station, a man seated at the bar began to ask about the Raza. He had been trying to catch up with someone on it. He then told the bartender that his name was Jace Corso.

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