Dark Matter Recap: Pilot-Part 1

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Dark Matter Recap: Pilot-Part 1
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Dark Matter” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot-Part One” aired on Friday, June 12, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, the crew of a ship floating dead in space woke up with no memories and had no idea who they were, or what their mission was. After discovering the plight of a poor mining independent colony which was their original destination, they discovered, thanks to ship’s Android, the shocking truth of who they really were. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened to a ship floating dead in space, with alarms ringing as the ship was quickly losing life support. This caused a man to wake up from his pod. He then ran towards the console to restore life support. He was violently knocked away by a woman, who managed to restore it. They were then greeted by another man who entered the room with guns drawn. However, they quickly realized that none of them knew who they were. They confirmed this after the fourth, fifth and sixth member of the crew, who then woke up, informed them that they didn’t know who they were and what they were doing in space.

At the cargo hold, the first crew member who woke up, One (Marc Bendavid), informed them that they would be called by the order that they woke up in. The woman who restored life support, Two (Melissa O’Neil), distributed communication devices and instructed them to pair up. She tried to repair the ship with the green haired girl now known as Five (Jodelle Ferland).

One and the fourth one to wake up, Four (Alex Mallari Jr.), then discovered the training room, where they realized that Four was the swordsman of the group. Six (Roger Cross) discovered the ships shuttle. Three (Anthony Lemke), the man who had entered with guns drawn, and who had found the cache of weapons in the cargo hold, discovered the ship’s Android (Zoie Palmer). However, the Android, upon being woken up, immediately attacked Three, Six, Four and One, and only stopped after Two shut her down, and after One sliced her hand.

After rebooting the Android, the crew realized that someone had deliberately wiped their information from the ship’s computer, and might have wiped their memories, as no data regarding them could be found.

Two then got the Android to show her how to repair the ship while Three, Four, and One discovered the sleeping quarters. Along the way, Three told One that he believed that One had been the one who had deleted their information from the computer while Four discovered a Japanese puzzle box that seemed to belong to him.

At the medical bay, Five, while fixing a circuit board, demonstrated to Six that she somehow had extensive medical knowledge. After she fixed the board, Two asked the Android to jump to faster than light in order to outrun several missiles that had been launched at them. Afterwards, the Android informed them that they were currently en route to the ship’s original destination.

While waiting, Five, who was recovering at the medical bay as she had hit her head on the floor when they lost gravity while jumping to faster than light speed, told Six that she had recalled waking up to a big metal door that was always kept locked, due to the secrets that it hid within. Meanwhile, Three became unconscious after trying to blast open the door that Five had mentioned.

While the rest of the crew left the planet on the Marauder class shuttle, Five, who was fixing an unsalvageable console, told Two that she had had a dream in which her father, who lived in a palace, had been murdered by her stepmother’s men, and that she had carved their eyes out instead of killing them. Five then told Two that the dream was someone else’s memory.

On the planet, they discovered that the inhabitants, an independent mining colony, were waiting for a shipment of weapons from a man named Hrothgar.  A legendary group of assassins, called the Raza, were going to murder them all as the big corporations wanted their colony to house their own miners. Before leaving with supplies, One learned from one of the colonists, a young girl who had the same pendant that he had. He had discovered it under his pillow, that the pendant was the mark of Hrothgar’s men.

Back on the ship, the crew decided whether they should help the miners or not. In the end, much to One’s annoyance, Two decided that one-half of the weapons that they had on board would be given to them. However, just as they finished hauling the weapons to the shuttle, Two called them up to the bridge, as the Android managed to salvage some data about them.

It turned out that the ship was called “Raza,” which meant that they had been sent to kill the miners. The Android then showed them that they, except for Five, were on the “Most Wanted” list.

One was Jace Corso, whose charges included kidnapping, murder, assault, kidnapping, theft, and trafficking. Two was Portia Lin, who was wanted for murder, assault, theft, arson, piracy. Three was Marcus Boone, who was wanted for murder, assault, piracy and kidnapping. Four was Ryo Tersudo, who was wanted for murder, assault and piracy, and Six was Griffin Jones, who was wanted for murder, assault, and smuggling.


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