Dark Matter Recap: Pilot-Part Two

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Recap: Pilot-Part Two
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Dark Matter” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot-Part Two” aired on Friday, June 19, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, the crew struggled with their newfound knowledge of who they were and struggled with the decision of whether to help the miners or not. Afterwards, Five (Jodelle Ferland) revealed to Two or Portia Lin (Melissa O’Neil) what she remembered about the mind wipe, and Four or Ryo Tersuda (Alex Mallari Jr.) discovered a little something about himself. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up from where the previous episode left off. The crew reeling from the information regarding themselves that the Android (Zoie Palmer) had just unearthed. One or Jace Corso (Marc Bendavid) still couldn’t believe that the data on them was true. Six or Griffin Jones (Roger Cross) then reminded them that they had to discuss what they would do with the miners, or else the Ferrous Corporation, who had hired them, will come after them. Four or Ryo Tersuda (Alex Mallari, Jr.) then walked out of the bridge. They were followed by One, Six and Three or Marcus Boone (Anthony Lemke) after stating the obvious- that it didn’t matter what they did next as they were no longer who the data said they were. Two then instructed the Android to call her Two and not as Portia. Later, the Android discovered that Five (Jodelle Ferland) was upset as she still didn’t know who she was and received some comfort from the Android.

Later, Two told One, who suggested that they help the miners out as him having the matching pendant might have meant that they could have defeated and stolen the guns from Hrothgar’s men, who were going to help the miners out. However, Two warned him to stick to the plan and instructed the others to make sure that he came back with them.

After delivering the guns, they were thanked by the miners by giving them some beer at their local bar. It was why they didn’t hear Two, who sent a message to the Marauder, their shuttle, that the Ferrous Corporation had arrived.

The Raza, their ship, was then boarded by the commander of the Deliverance, the Ferrous Corporation destroyer. He offered to forget that they had accepted payment from them in advance for their mission.They had failed to do and told her to leave her men behind, in exchange for more money, as they couldn’t lose this mining colony to the Mikkei Combine, their rival.

Meanwhile, Five, who was ordered to hide, crawled through the vents and discovered Four’s room. While there, she discovered his puzzle box and began solving it.

Meanwhile, on the mining colony, the miners and the crew of the Raza encountered the Ferrous Corporation men, who were upset that they had double-crossed them. However, they managed to kill them all, and took one prisoner, whom Four tortured in order to discover the corporation’s plans. It turned out that they were planning on targeting the colony’s out of date core reactor, which would destroy the entire facility. They then left, but after discovering that the Raza was gone, they decided to help them out. They helped out in their patrols of the facility, helped them come up with a strategy, and were trained a little on how to shoot and fight. Six then came up with a plan to make sure that Ferrous would think twice next time about claiming the colony. He would use the Marauder to try and take out their destroyer, so that they would be crippled.

They then managed to fight off the men from Ferrous, but Nassan (Rob Stewart), was killed as a result of the clash. However, they held their fire after their prisoner, who had been freed  by two miners, showed that he had Six as his hostage.

However, before they could fire another shot in order to free Six, the fighting stopped as the Ferrous Corporation men had been called back, as Two had contacted the Mikkei Combine, who had agreed to give twenty percent back to the miners, as they had a chance to really hurt their biggest rival.

Before leaving the planet, the girl (Chloe Rose) who had the matching pendant as One’s, asked him to stay, but he told her that his place, for now, was up in the stars. She then kissed him goodbye.

On the ship, Two explained everything and told them that they would be refueling at a nearby spaceport. While they waited, and while in faster than light speed, Three tried attacking the mysterious door, One looked at his pendant, and Four discovered that his box had been opened, and discovered a ring inside it.

Two then headed to Five’s bedroom. She asked what she had meant earlier as she had mentioned that someone had wiped their memories on purpose. She then revealed that she had remembered another crewmate’s memories. That person had woken up at midnight, and had “uploaded” a program to the stasis core, and had planted a virus while everyone was asleep because they were all dangerous.

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