Dark Matter Season Finale Recap and Post-Mortem

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Season Finale Recap and Post-Mortem
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“Dark Matter’s” freshman run  ended last Friday, Aug. 28, 2015, with a two-hour long season finale. It gave us several answers to questions that have been on everyone’s minds since the start of the show. Of course, in true “Dark Matter” form, left us with a lot of questions for an eventual second season. Also, recently, show creator Joseph Mallozzie gave a series of interviews in which he talked about the surprises that viewers were left with in season one and teased on what will come in the second season if it does happen. Read on to learn more about the last two episodes of the season, and about what might happen in season two.

The twelfth episode of the season allowed Two’s  (Melissa O’Neil) backstory to be placed in the forefront. It was after they were given a mission to rescue a scientist from Dwarf Star Technologies, which is owned by Alexander “Alex” Rook (Wil Wheaton).

There, it was discovered that Two was an artificial organism named Rebecca. Her nanites allowed her to regenerate, and caused to her to become more superior than anyone. However, she had previously escaped, and tried to escape once more, which caused Rook to decide to remove her brain so that it could be analyzed so as to give her a brain that wasn’t so flawed.

However, the Android (Zoie Palmer) rescued her after shutting down the dampening field that caused her to be weaker than she usually is.

Back on the ship, Five (Jodelle Ferland) remembered that Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) had been the leader of the crew. He had accepted her into the fold, after Six (Roger Cross) got her out of the airlock. Two initially didn’t want her around, and Five retrieved a listening device that she saw in her dream, which, when played back, revealed that Two, Four and Three (Anthony Lemke) were planning on killing someone after they came out of stasis and before they reached the mining colony.

It was also revealed that a new and better prototype of Rebecca was being made. Tthe reason behind this was to save an old man in a hospital bed, who clearly meant something to Rook. He also instructed Rook to have the crew of the Raza killed.

The last episode of the season picked up where the twelfth episode left off, with the crew getting more and more paranoid and distrustful of each other. It was after Five discovered that the Android had been knocked out with a stick that was inside the vault. To make matters worse, no one else was on the ship, and the Android’s neural implant was missing.

Paranoia mounted as Four was poisoned and as Six was rendered unconscious. However, before he went out, Five had played the recording for him, and after doing a search of her computer, realized that Five was the one who had wiped their minds to protect someone in the crew.

Later, Five discovered the Android’s hologram projection. She told her to delete herself after discovering that the Android had a glitch in her system.

Three and One (Marc Bendavid) then confronted each other, while Five confronted Two, as suspicion mounted. It was especially as Galactic Authority ships, who had been alerted by the traitor on the ship, had just boarded them. However, just as they were about to trust each other to fight off the Galactic Authority, they were knocked unconscious by someone who threw in canisters of poisonous gas after locking the doors.

Afterwards, the entire crew, including the Android, were taken into custody and were hauled off the ship, with the exception of Six, who was the traitor, and who accompanied the Galactic Authority’s squad leader.

This betrayal of Six’s has caught viewers off guard, but according to Mallozzie, who recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the season finale. As to what a possible season two might hold for “Dark Matter”, he hinted that this outcome was being set up since the eighth episode of season one, and gave away a big clue that might have been overlooked.

This of course, pertained to the fact that the squad commander he was with in the final moments of the season looked a lot like the man who had confronted him in episode eight. It was after Six unsuccessfully tried to kill the General, especially as the in the next scene, Six was shown as being alone and not anymore with this man, who is portrayed by Jeff Teravainen.

With regards to a possible season two, Mallozzie hinted at building their world more, and having their backstories wrapped up.

In a separate interview with Spoiler TV, he hinted at having some of the characters seen in the first season as “big bads” for the second season, if they do have one.

What did you think of the season finale and of all its revelations? Would you want a second season for “Dark Matter”? What do you think of Mallozzi’s plans for a second season if and when it is renewed? Let us know what you think in the comments below!
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