Dark Matter Spoilers: The Double Episode Season Finale

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Dark Matter Spoilers: The Double Episode Season Finale
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“Dark Matter” Season 1 Episodes 12 and 13 will air this coming Friday, August 28, 2015 at 10:00 PM on SyFy. In the two hour, double episode season finale, secrets are revealed with regards the crew of the Raza and specifically, of Two (Melissa O’Neil), after a routine and simple mission quickly turns south. Also, according to the reports, actor Wil Wheaton will guest star in a very interesting role connected to the Raza crew. WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding the first season finale of “Dark Matter”. Read on to learn more about the upcoming episodes.

So far, throughout the entire season, viewers and fans of this series have gotten a few hints here and there with regards as to how the crew of the Raza were before their minds were wiped, and as to who among them had wiped their memories in the first place.

It is now known that One (Marc Bendavid) is none other than CEO Derrick Moss, who took on the face of the mercenary Jace Corso in order to get revenge on the murderer of his wife, Marcus Boone, or Three (Anthony Lemke), who, in fact, isn’t the hardened criminal that he believed himself to be.

Four (Alex Mallari Jr.), in reality is the heir to the Ishida Clan, but ran escaped from his home world after his step mother framed him for his father’s death so that her own son would ascend the throne.

Six (Roger Cross), as it turns out, was a soldier turned terrorist, who repented from his ways after discovering that he was just being manipulated, and Five (Jodelle Ferland) or Das, who somehow has all of their memories in her head, turned out to be a pick pocket and a thief.

Finally, there’s Two (Melissa O’Neil), or Portia Lin, whose own origin the show is beginning to probe, beginning with the revelation in the previous episode that she is a bio-synthetic being.

According to Screen Spy, it seems like some questions will be answered, and more questions will be raised, as the report teases that in the course of trying to fulfill a routine rescue mission, in which they were supposed to rescue a captive scientist, which quickly goes awry. Two will face her true self, as she goes discovers her past. It was while being strapped to a chair with a neurological device, which is seen in one of the pictures on Screen Spy.

Screen Spy also teased that Five will also learn something about one of the members of the crew that will change the way she sees them forever. It was teased that more will be learned as to how the original crew was on the ship before the mind wipe, and a vital clue might just lead them to discover who truly wiped their minds in the first place.

The promotional video on Spoiler TV teases more dangers and excitement for the crew, as One and Three are shown pointing guns at each other, Two wondering where her crewmates are, Five screaming at a prostrate body on the ship’s floor, and a scene in which the Android (Zoie Palmer) calmly walks out of the shuttle into the air.

Entertainment Weekly also teased a first look at Wil Wheaton’s character, Alexander Rook.

According to the exclusive sneak peek, he incapacitated Two, which enraged both Three and One.

Rook then goes on to tell them to calm down, and to follow him if they wanted some answers, as their progress in that planet had been closely been monitored.

Who do you think wiped their minds? Why did the Android jump off the shuttle? What is Alexander Rook up to? What exactly is Two, and why was she made? Let us know your theories and thoughts in the comments below!
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Catch the double episode season one finale of  “Dark Matter” this  Friday night at 10:00 PM on SyFy.

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