‘Dark Souls’ Player Completed The Game By Only Using His Voice

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Dark Souls’ Player Completed The Game By Only Using His Voice
By using voice recognition tool a die-hard fan of Dark Souls was able to complete the game by only using voice commands. It took him 30 hours to accomplish this and by the end game his game had nearly died down.

By making use of the power of voice, “Dark Souls” has been completed. Reddit user GMABT converted his voice commands into keyword presses by using the program “Voice Attack.” The player was able to complete “Dark Souls” in just 30 hours by doing so. However, things were not as easy as it sound, as there were 1.5 delays.

Reddit user GMABT almost lost his voice several times and after 30 hours of suffering and 485 deaths later, he was finally able to complete the game. Among all those deaths, 111 of them came from the boss Smough and Ornstein.

According to IGN, the overall sales of “Dark Souls” series has been more than 8 million. At E3 this year, the “Dark Souls 3” was revealed.

When we talk about the game “Dark Souls,” it is quite difficult by any measure, but for reasons unknown, its die-hard fans always want to have it even harder. The Reddit user has previously beaten the game with Donkey Konga’s bongo set as well as Rock Bands’ drums. One of the latest accomplishments from him involved is to put down the controls completely.

Fans find it difficult to believe their eyes as they are quite flabbergasted by the whole thing. According to Kotaku, once “Dark Souls” was completed along with a group of Rock Band controllers, he decided it is time to move away from physical controls. He made the attempt to play the game by only using a microphone.

The player said that many people had suggested to him before to make such an attempt, but he thought it was not actually possible. Recently, a programmer showed him a program that accomplished the hard work of converting voice command into physical work, it was then that he thought that it can be made possible.

The tool known as “Voice Attack” has the capability to convert voice commands into keyboard presses. By using this tool, the Reddit user was able to control some aspects of his character. He used to say “heavy attacks” in order to perform his heavy attacks.

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