Daryl Hannah Arrested for Oil Pipeline Protest

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WASHINGTON – U. S. Park Police arrested actress Daryl Hannah on August 30, 2011, when she refused to move from a White House pavement. The 50-year-old actress, who has been arrested in the past for participating in protests, was among a group rallying against a proposed oil pipeline that would extend from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The actress feels the U.S. State Department is ignoring the dangers.

In a statement to the media, Hannah said: “The Keystone I, which was put in only last year, has already had 12 different spills.”

TransCanada’s 1,900 mile Keystone XL pipeline will bring oil from Albert, Canada, to refineries in Texas. Plans are for the pipeline to pass through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. TransCanada says the pipeline construction will bring thousands of jobs to Canada and the United States and end the nation’s dependency on oil from Middle Eastern countries. Meanwhile, Hannah and dozens of other protesters feel it avoids more important measures that end usage of fossil fuels by tapping into environmentally-friendly alternatives.

After police asked the protesters to move from the White House pavement, Hannah sat down and continued to voice her disapproval of the planned pipeline. She was taken into custody and fined $100 before her release.

Daryl Hannah Arrested for Oil Pipeline Protest
Daryl Hannah Arrested for Oil Pipeline Protest


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