Dating As A Gay Man: Ian Thorpe Reveals How Challenging It Is

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Dating As A Gay Man: Ian Thorpe Reveals How Challenging It Is
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Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe recently came out as gay last year. The 33-year-old discloses that he sees himself settling down but mentions that finding the right one through dating is something more complicated than he had foreseen. Read on to know more.

Mail Online reports that the five-time gold medalist believes the struggle is as existent for him as for everyone else. He shared that choosing whom to date traditionally, without apps or websites made him meet great guys in general but sometimes “nut cases” get in the mix too.

“It’s an absolute mess out there! I’m like, where are all the normal people?” he said. “I’ve never really dated, so I’ve come in being almost completely blindsided by this.” he said.

The sportsman also discussed some measures he considers, as he prefers his future partner to not be crazy and should be based in Australia like him. When asked if his popularity affects how he meets men, he kiddingly said, “I’ll use it as an excuse if I’m not doing well.”


Thorpe is Australia’s most popular Olympian. He accomplished his celebrity status at the young age of 15, which made him visible to the public radar since then. The athlete publicized that he was experiencing “crippling depression” and had looked into taking his own life, in his 2012 biography. He explained that his strong intention of denying his sexuality stemmed from being constantly asked about it very early.

“That was the problem” being asked at a very young age and of course, my initial reply was “I’m not”. Thorpe said.

In the well-known dialogue with, Sir Michael Parkinson one of the world’s most esteemed broadcasting personalities, Thorpe ultimately divulged his real sexuality. This was in July 2014 when Parkinson asked, “You’ve always said that you’re not gay. Is all of that true?” To which Thorpe replied, “I’ve thought about this for a long time. I’m not straight. And this is only something that very recently – in the past two weeks – I’ve been comfortable telling the closest people around me exactly that.”

Wishing the “torpedo” the best of luck in finding love.


Photo Source: Instagram/officialianthorpe

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