David and Victoria Beckham donate designer clothes to raise money to typhoon Haiyan victims

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The celebrity couple, David and Victoria Beckham gave 20 boxes of their second-hand attire to the British Red Cross in Chelsea for the charity effort. The sale came into effect almost as soon as the Philippines government announced that the death toll had now surpassed 5,200.

The sale was carried out in London for hours as frenzied shoppers came in hordes to buy clothes and shoes donated by the famous couple.

Dozens and dozens of designer clothes and shoes were sold to raise money for donation. The sales cost almost as little as $160 each which is almost a quarter of their original price. However, each customer had a limitation to only buy one item.

Inside the store were a rail of David’s jumpers and 5 shelves of Victoria’s shoes, each going for around $ 60.

Considering the prices, even men were snapping at Victoria’s heals. I guess they just wanted to buy them for their special lady, although those same heals, most of them, popped up on e-bay. Basically everybody wanted to capitalize on the situation.

Though Victoria’s previous clothes were too small for the average woman, they were still sold out in a flash.

A woman proudly tried on her new Le Silla high heeled shoes in the street, while another showed off a yellow Chanel jacket.

There was a similar donation by Victoria to help raise money for cancer victims where she raise around $13000, this was back in 2010.

Source: ABC

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