David Ayer Apologizes for Shooting Nazi Battle Scenes on Remembrance Sunday

By admin | 4 years ago

Director David Ayer of Brad Pitt’s upcoming movie ‘Fury’ filmed some scenes for the World War II drama that featured actors in Nazi uniforms in an Oxfordshire village on Remembrance Sunday.

However, David Ayer subsequently took to Twitter and expressed his “heartfelt apologies for any disrespect”.

“My heartfelt apologies for any disrespect on Remembrance Day. I am a veteran myself. It is an honour to film here in the UK.” Ayer wrote on Twitter. “We stopped filming 2 AM Sat night. We didn’t go until dawn. The story has been a tad exaggerated. Apologies though.” he added.

Daily Mirror reports that the Oxfordshire village parish council had implored Ayer to stop filming Fury over the weekend, but the request was ignored.

“Whoever is responsible is insensitive,” chairman Ian Hill told Daily Mirror. “A letter has been sent to express our feelings of how inappropriate it was for Sherman tanks to be rolling across the countryside while explosions were being let off. Local people are angry.”

This film around Second World War, which also stars Shia LaBeouf, Michael Peña, Scott Eastwood and Jon Bernthal, is scheduled to release next fall.

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