David Banner Reacts to Chet Hanks’s Use of the N-word

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
David Banner Reacts to Chet Hanks’s Use of the N-word
PHOTOGRAPH: Creative Commons | David Banner

White privileged rapper Chet Hanx aka Chet Hanks drew ire from “Suicide Doors” singer David Banner when he used the racially charged words in one of his songs. In a recent interview with Vlad TV from the internet which was broadcast on Youtube yesterday, the rapper called the current generation of black people “spineless zombies” who have been so integrated in the mainstream that they fail to recognize that the n-word is, was, and will forever be derogatory for the black people.

In the interview, David Banner said that reacting to what other people say or said was obviously “female-like” this being what women do when they are in high school, but white people better watch saying the word nigger around him. “If you White and you say the word around me, we might have some problems.”

This seemingly innocent question about Chet Hanks’s use of the dark word sparked off a very interesting philosophical discussion about race identity and David had a good heart to heart with Vlad TV on the topic. He said that being a visionary like him is both a blessing and a curse. You get to see what other people can’t see but you also have to be alone for all that to seep in. He said that people who are not from the American South would never know what it is like to be discriminated against. They obviously don’t know what it is like to be hung from the trees just for being black.

He was very dismissive of the current generation of black people who have “ok’ed everything down to the point where their culture is gone.” He said that black folks today have nothing to say about hip-hop and R&B because it is taken away from them. They have been so integrated in the mainstream culture that they no longer remember what their culture was all about. Nigger was a bad word when the black people were slaves. If they had to pick a word to describe themselves they could have picked anything – even the word “Gods” but they chose the word “nigger” – a derogatory word that white people used to keep them down. In accepting the word as their identity, they have become spineless zombies.

Chet Hanks, who is the son of superstar Tom Hanks, had another tiff recently with the radio host Howard Stern who thought that Hanks  didn’t have the proper social context in his life to write rap.

Photo Source: Creative Commons

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