David Beckham: No.1 Underwear Model of the Century [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 4 years ago
David Beckham: No.1 Underwear Model of the Century [WATCH VIDEO]
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David Beckham, soccer icon, model, husband to Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) and father to four  beautiful children (Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo, Harper) has been named #1 Underwear Model of the Century by Tommy Hilfiger. Brace yourselves, as there’s a flurry of sugar rush coming your way with this eye candy.

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“I mean, we all wish we look like David Beckham at the end of the day. He’s like the Underwear Model of the Century!” said Hilfiger in an interview with TMZ.

Aside from his good looks and his amazing hot bod, Beckham excelled in soccer with his awesome free kicks and right-hand side deliveries that carried his superior performances on the field.

Beckham hasn’t even modeled for Hilfiger yet. Is this a hint of a future collaboration?

David Beckham has retired from his football career on May 18, 2013   and is now concentrating on his own line of men’s underwear (David Beckham Bodywear), in collaboration with H&M and we have been seeing a lot of his face, his arms, abs, etc. on various campaigns these days. (Not that we’re complaining!)

Let’s not forget the launch of this beautiful human being in underwear on Armani campaigns in 2007, which made a lot of women drool, and which made men doubt themselves. And then there’s the 2013 Super Bowl commercial, which is considered by a lot of people as one of the best underwear advertisements  of all time.

Check out these hot pictures of the God of boxer shorts with his perfectly sculpted body in skimpy underwear (Click HERE to see photos from E! Online). Don’t you just want to wake up with this man beside you every single day? Lucky Posh Spice, she gets to eat all the cake!

All of these just clearly show that the title as the No. 1 Underwear Model fo the Century perfectly fits David Beckham, with his hot tattoos, perfect abs, arms, and shoulders, everything just fits the bill. He is everything rolled into one, one BIG package as remarked by his beautiful wife, Victoria Beckham, who has confirmed a lot of speculations about David Beckham’s “package,” literally and figuratively.


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