David Beckham Acts As Spokesperson Of 18 Brave Children

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
David Beckham Acts As Spokesperson Of 18 Brave Children

David Beckham, a renowned retired footballer and an ambassador of the UNICEF goodwill has now taken up a new responsibility to speak on behalf of 18 abused children residing in Cambodia.

Beckham travelled to Cambodia this year where he met many children who shared their dreadful stories with him. The children faced violence and abuse from the one who had the responsibility to protect them.

David remembers the time ad says, “It was terrible to hear that they (children) faced such violence at a small age. As a father I cannot even imagine that any child could suffer like this. After listening to their stories I’ll ensure that the world leaders listen to their voices and take necessary steps in order to protect them.”

Talking about his recent visit, the former LA Galaxy star said that while in Cambodia he went to refugee camps where several children were accommodated.

Sharing the story of Saron, a sexually abused child in Cambodia, Beckham says that the girl was raped by her stepfather and she’s not alone to experience such pain, there are many others who have the same awful experience, reported the The Daily Mirror.

After this heart-wrenching trip, David got a letter signed by 18 survivors addressing world leaders. The letter quotes stories from the deprived children and seeks help from the powerful nations.

The letter started with an appeal saying, “Dear world leaders, Every five minutes, somewhere in the world, a child dies as a result of violence. We are young people from 18 different countries; survivors of violence who have experienced pain and abuse. There are millions of children just like us.”

Earlier this year, Beckham launched 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund and vowed to help the world’s most vulnerable children over the next ten years.

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Photo Source: Newsweek Europe

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