David Beckham deems Brad Pitt worthy of playing him in a movie

By admin | 4 years ago

We’ve all stumbled upon questions that stumped us at least once. Likewise David Beckham, the retired football star and underwear model (on occasion) also came to a similar situation recently.

During a talk with an RJ on UK’s talkSPORT, Beckham was asked whom he’d want to play him in a movie to portray his life. Beckham admittedly was stumped on the question and responded by saying, “Someone asked me that the other day and I couldn’t answer it”.

However, the interviewer conveniently hinted at the possibility of Hollywood super star, A-Lister, Brad Pitt playing Beckham in a movie. The football star simply jumped on the opportunity, grabbed the ball and just ran to the goal post.

He said that Brad would be a great choice to play his character and also mentioned that he might also consider Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio for the job as they “are not bad looking guys.”

So now that we have Beckham’s character almost set up it only leaves the question of who is going to play his wife?

Earlier in the year Beckham’s wife Victoria also suggested that Beckham should become the next James Bond. Things are getting pretty interesting here and we’d love to see Beckham in a couple of Bond films just to see how he would fare.

Source: People

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