David Beckham As The New James Bond?

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
David Beckham As The New James Bond?
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There have been speculations that Daniel Craig’s (“Skyfall, “Quantum of Solace”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) run as James Bond is about to be over.


Now, who could be a worthy replacement? David Beckham’s fans took to Twitter to try and cast the retired football star as the British Secret Service agent. Read on for more details.

Beckham set the record straight with an exclusive with ABC News saying, “I saw that the other day and I laughed many times about it. Definitely won’t be in the next James Bond.”

The father-of-four confirmed that he does not consider acting as a “career” for him, although it is something that he is “stepping into”. He also said that he never thought about going into any kind of acting, even if people are talking about it as his new career. “It’s just something that I’m kind of stepping into and enjoying myself with.” the 40-year-old said.

Aside from not being the next James Bond, Beckham is currently collaborating with fashion brand, Belstaff. He is part of a short film entitled “Outlaws”, where the former LA Galaxy football star plays a leather-clad, enigmatic outsider. This is one project where he does not have to pretend and act because according to him, he rides bikes and wears these clothes in real life; no pretentious campaigning and appearing in public wearing outfits that he doesn’t like.

“These are clothes that I’ve kind of had some kind of involvement with, you know, creating,” he said regarding his wardrobe in “Outlaws”.

Beckham also runs a clothing line with his wife, Victoria but when it comes to the business of being husband and wife, he refers to their 18-year-relationship as “pretty easy”.


So there you have it. Still the question remains… Who will be the next James Bond?

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Photo Source: Circadian 10

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