David Jones Signs Adam Goodes As Latest Brand Ambassador

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
David Jones Signs Adam Goodes As Latest Brand Ambassador
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The athlete has opted for retirement from AFL in the month of September but it looks like Adam Goodes is embarking upon an exciting new career as he reveals his first professional role in the capacity of a brand ambassador for David Jones, the retail giant.

David Jones has entered into a contract with the ex-Australian athlete of the year as its brand ambassador. The department store has a new brand campaign where Adam Goodes will be seen soon along with the retailer’s fellow ambassadors like Tim Rogers and Jessica Gomes.

Adam’s new role will also involve advising this well-known retailer on matters related to indigenous reconciliation. The athlete said that this will definitely help him in his aim to create an Australia that will encourage equality.

The Brownlow medalist also remarked that he would love to let his name used for creating a better Australia for his fellowmen. He sincerely believes that his new role will give him an ocean of opportunities to achieve his dream.

Adam says that he believes that a heritage organization like David Jones play a major role if it has a Reconciliation Action Plan or RAP. They can close the gap by promoting a transformation and through creation of an inclusive society.

Adam also said that a renowned name like David Jones can raise their voice so that positive changes for the community as well as environment can be inspired. Others will be motivated to stand up and follow suit.

David Robinson, who is the present chief marketing officer for David Jones described Adams as truly inspirational. The CMO also added that David Jones is truly committee in developing a powerful RAP and is excited to have Adam on board to guide them.

In the new campaign, which is being launched by David Jones, the store continues with his attempts to make the brand fresh so that customers in the age group of 18 to 34 can be attracted.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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