David Letterman Says the World Doubted His Hosting Style; The ‘Late Show’ Host Reveals After Finale

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
David Letterman Says the World Doubted His Hosting Style; The ‘Late Show’ Host Reveals After Finale
David Letterman bids goodbye to his late night show.

The last episode of the “Late Show with David Letterman” was aired on Wednesday. This marked the final show of the legendary late night show which has run for the longest time.

For more than two decades, we enjoyed watching David Letterman get giddy with his guests and the audience. For the longest period, the iconic night show host has turned “The Tonight Show” rival into his own institution, said a TIME report.

However, there was a time when the world doubted David Letterman. It was in 1993 when the late night show host’s style raised almost everybody’s eyebrow. Letterman prepared for the slot he was given on CBS to launch his show opposite the time slot of “The Tonight Show.”

Eagle-eye fans wondered if the style of David Letterman would translate into something big for the audience. At that time, Letterman was put in the limelight when the audience started to wonder if the offbeat show host would work in a group of TV viewers who are staying up late to watch the show.

Back then, people were accustomed to seeing Carson of “The Tonight Show” helped celebrities to plug their new shows or movies. After the demise of Carson, Leno took over the show that can also be regarded as a front runner if Letterman, at the time, has a weak lineup.

Meanwhile, CBS affiliates decided to delay the show of David Letterman to be able to cater to syndicated affairs. The company has been projecting that Letterman would only get a 4 rating. This was already a big jump from its current ratings but still far from what was gaining in having more people watch the rival show.

According to NYC Media President Gene Dewitt, at the time David Letterman showcased a different style, audience are most likely to drift back into watching Leno instead.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Late Show With David Letterman

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