David and Victoria Beckham Eyeing The Second ‘Beckingham Palace’ for a Tidy £5.4 million

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
David and Victoria Beckham Eyeing The Second ‘Beckingham Palace’ for a Tidy  £5.4 million
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Why did David and Victoria Beckham show up at a small village in England and set it abuzz? Looks like the couple are house-hunting for a new ‘Beckingham Palace,’ in Gloucestershire, leaving the inhabitants of the small villages Nailsworth and Stroud beside themselves with excitement.

“There have been a couple of people in who have said about it. The fact that they were seen in Nailsworth adds fuel to the fire. They haven’t popped in for a pint just yet though” Jane Bandy said, andlady at the nearby Amberley Inn, to Mail Online, obviously waiting for the day when Becks and Posh do pop in for a peek.

The house in question touted as the second ‘Beckingham Palace’ is a neat six-bedroom house value at £5.4 million. It features, among other things, an infinity pool, stables, a pool house and six sumptuous reception rooms for the celebrity guests who will inevitably head to the village once the Beckhams move there.

“Everyone’s talking about it – it’s quite a place and they have been seen around this area.” another villager said to the publication

Of course, this is all a bit of speculation since the estate agent, Anthony Croaker could not comment on whether the Beckhams are definitely gonna buy Amberley House, but he did admit to the Mirror that there was plenty of interest in the property.

But buy or not, young fans of Becksand Posh in Stroud were thrilled to find their idols whilst making a snack run to the corner store. Victoria Beckham nicely posed for a selfie with the young girls in the shop, and they went out to the car and grabbed another photograph with David Beckham.

David and Victoria already own a £31.5 million West London home, which is currently being refurbished. The couple bought the first ‘Beckingham Palace’ in 1999, a 12-acre estate in Hertfordshire. They sold the estate for a tide £11.5million pounds.

Photo Source: Facebook/David Beckham

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